Sunday, December 30, 2007

Still waiting!!!!!!!!

So, I'm still waiting for my first diet (16 weeks out)
It should be here by tomorrow! Yaya! We went to the store today and STOCKED up. And I must say, the cost of bulk eggs has gone up like $1.25! WTF?!?! :)
Anyway, tomorrow is LEG day (ham dominant).
In T-minus 5 days I'm heading to PHX for 9 days of *hopefully* AWESOME WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also..............
I'm DOING JEN HENDERSHOTT'S P.H.A.T. CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy smokes. I'm so excited. I decided that I'm going to work for Jen one day. She just doesn't know it yet! Okay, seriously, I would LOVE to help out with these camps, and I haven't even ATTENDED one yet; that's just how awesome I've heard they. Oh, and she And Lishia Dean helped me with my routine choreography, so I love them for that! :)
Alright, here's a glimpse at 16 weeks out. LOTTA FLUFF TO SHED!!!!!!! BUT I'LL DO IT.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gavin Pictures

Here are some pix from my trip to Kansas. Gavin is 6 months. And completely adorable. :)
Seester/mom, Gavin & Em

Ho HO HO!!!!

my Beautiful Mom. She totally doesn't look like a Grandma! :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Alright, I'm back from hiding! :)
Life has finally settled down.
Here's a recap:
Klamath Falls----------check
Girls weekend----------check
Suprise Kansas visit---check

Every trip went as planned. Soooo amazing!!! :) I already re-capped my PHX trip, which, as I said, ROCKED!!

My suprise visit to Kansas was very well received. Jaws were literally on the floor! :) I'm soooooooooo happy I was able to go. We had a GREAT family Christmas party/gift exchange and it was a blast.

Soooooo, I'm ONE WEEK OUT from starting my PRE-CONTEST DIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA YA YAHHHHH, I'm soooo ready, so excited, so pumped. This 16 or 17 weeks (need to figure it out exactly) will be SOOOO AWESOME!!! I know I can do sooo much better than my first time around. I actually know what all goes into preparation and can now plan accordingly~!

Workouts have been sporatic. Here and there. Same with the diet. Why must every client bring in cookies and truffles and all that other nonsense?? :) :) Gotta love them.

Well, that's the update. I likely won't post until next Thursday. Sooo, until then: HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the time with your loved ones!
Lots of love and more~

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well, not a fitness post

This is not a fitness post because things are slacking on that front.
However, I had sooooooooooo much fun in Phoenix with two of my bridesmaids this weekend. Well, I guess dancing can count towards my cardio, and boy did we do some dancing!!! :)
Tomorrow I head out of town YET AGAIN! I'll be in Oregon until Friday. Then things slow down for a while. I'm intending on hitting the gym for leg work tomorrow before I go to the airport. Hopefully that works out!!!!!!!!
I won't be updating my blog until this weekend. Just FYI! :)
LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some pix:

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Heading Out!

So, tomorrow begins my crazy travel excursion for the next 10 days.
I'm in south central Oregon for a couple days, then in SUNNY Phoenix, then back home, then to Eugene for three days...........
Holy cow, I'm SOOOOO excited! I've never had to fit in workouts when I'm out of town and unaware of my possible accommodations (do I have a gym? can I run outside??)
So, this will be interesting! I've already packed my oats, ground flax seeds, almonds, tuna packets, protein powder, almond butter, rice cakes. That should cover breakfast & snacks (possibly lunch one day)
It'll be a very interesting time because I don't KNOW how time consuming each trip will be.

The last couple days have been FAB!!! I did shoulders, bi's/tri's on Sunday, Cardio only monday, then today I did a killer leg workout and cardio. Good good good!

Here's an adorable pix of my Nephew, Gavin. He's a doll, can't wait to see hiM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yes you can do it!

I love this site. It has the best motivating and inspirational quotes ever!!!
*****AWESOME SITE!!!*****

Yes, you can do it. And you can begin right now.
Sure, you've run into problems in the past. Yet there is a way to get past every one of them.

When it is important enough to you and meaningful enough for you, you will find a way. There is a positive, effective step that you can take this very moment.

It will require effort on your part, as well as commitment and persistence. Fortunately, you are fully capable of all those things.

Yes, you can do it, and in the process you will more fully become the beautiful, unique person you are meant to be. You will grow more capable, more confident, more knowledgeable and experienced.

When your objective is connected with the purpose that drives every other purpose, there is no doubt that you can do it. Begin now to work your way there.

-- Ralph Marston

Friday, November 30, 2007


Here are some random thoughts for the week!

NOT AWESOME: My cats chew through my phone charger last night while I slept. :(
AWESOME: It'll end up saving me minutes, I only have one battery charge until I get a new phone in Feb. just kidding, I'm getting a new charger tomorrow. Little rascals....

NOT AWESOME: The sun sets anywhere between 4:15pm - 4:30pm here now. And it's been in the 20's.
AWESOME: I fly to Phoenix for a "girls" weekend in T minus 6 days!! :)

NOT AWESOME: I have only lifted three times in the last six days.
AWESOME: I taught Turbo on Wednesday, Core-Central Thursday, and went to Bootcamp tonight. So Cardio is fine, I just need to pick it up in the weights department. (no pun intended).

NOT AWESOME: Todays the last day of Nov. I only posted a handful of times this month.
AWESOME: Tomorrow is DECEMBER. A month FULL of excitement for me!!!! :)

AWESOME: Courtesy April...a super cute Holiday tribute. Try it with your family/friends. Too much FUN! :) Please try and watch it without laughing.....I dare you! :) :) :)
Em & Gene. :)


Monday, November 26, 2007

HaPpY Belated THANKGIVING!!!!!!!

What a wonderful break. By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, I was bored and ready to go back to work! Okay, not ENTIRELY true, but wow, I was off from Wedn. afternoon until 2pm today!!!!!!!!
We had a lovely break. Lots of family time, plenty of food, a few workouts here and there.
Life is going to get SUPER busy come December. I'm just hoping to get some serious workouts in before Dec. 28th when I start cutting. I'm really looking forward to this upcoming contest prep. It'll be great, I just know it!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, not much else to report!
Keep lifting hard!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

She's GOT Leggssssss

Okay, as I sit here eating my protein pancakes (YUUUUMM!) my legs are still quivering from my workout just a while ago. It was one of the best workouts I've had in a lonnng while! I borrowed it from Betsy Harris one of Jen Hendershott's Phat Camp gals. It looks like this. Try it if you dare.
4 passes of walking lunges superset with 4 sets of 20 pop (jump squats)
4 sets of 15 stiff legged deadlifts superset with 4 sets of 20 jump lunges
4 sets of 10 weighted plie squats triple set with 4 sets 10 step ups
4 sets of 15 lying leg curls superset with 4 sets of 15 light leg extensions
Oh my gosh, and just to think, this is a modification of the one she listed. If I were to do it all, I would have been wheeled outta there in a stinking wheelchair! Holy cow, if you want a great Leg workout, ADD PLYOMETRICS! No doubt about it, this session only had Jump Squats and Jump lunges, but it totally keeps your heartrate going.
I can't say enough about this workout. Love love loved it
Well, I may not be saying that in the morning.......
Thank you for all the comments on our pictures!!!!
I'll post again tomorrow and let ya know how I feel. Epsom salt bath tonight, massage tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update & Pictures!!!!!!!!

Here's the 2nd picture, cropped. I still like the 1st one better, I think!:)

This week has been a successful one. Isn't that how they should always be!?!? I've done everything I'd set out to do, fitness wise, thus far. 3 more days of lifting then I'll rest on Sunday. Today i finished a workout this afternoon, and head back in little less then an hour to teach Turbokick!
Here are two of the pix from our little photo shoot 2 weeks ago. Trying to decide between the two. Feel free to comment!
Much LoVe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Don't say you weren't warned...........

Here's some food for thought...if that's how the saying goes....
I cannot believe this......okay, I guess I can, but WOW, please note it says EVERYDAY, not weekly or monthly......the average calorie increase in ONE DAY:
Check it out and you'll see what I

"Nutrition between Thanksgiving and Christmas and probably until the new year when people attempt to make "goals"

SORE....and P.H.A.T!!!!!!!!!

Nothing like feeling sore AND fat........okay, I'm just kidding, I don't feel fat......I feel....Fluffy. :) That sounds nicer. Oh, and yes, I'm extremely sore. Last night I taught Turbokick and had a WONDERFUL class. We had 18 people and we rocked the house! :) SO much fun!!!!!!! I'm always sore the next day, no matter what. It's all the kicks I think.
Soooo, back to being PHAT. I'm going to Jenny Hendershott's PHAT CAMP in Phoenix in January!! I'm trying to convince my girlfriend Melissa to go with me.....Mel......YAY YAY YAY!!! Jenny got 3rd at the Fitness Olympia this year, and she's basically one of the greatest. I've heard awesome things about her camp and I'm super pumped. One of her staff members, Lishia Dean is my choreographer and she sent Jen the pix from my competition. I got a couple really nice emails from Jen.... Wow, I was so thrilled.
On the training front, I hit back and bi's today and teach core central/hi-lo. That's all for now........
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I like to try and save my posts for the days I actually have something interesting to blog about...... :) Not much to report, although all is VERY well! :)
Lifting like crazy, a little bit of cardio here and there, staying busy at work, planning a wedding. LIFE IS GOOD!!!
Well, I guess I do have a contest change of plan. I will ABSOULTELY do the Emerald Cup in Seattle the 18th and 19th of April. THEN, the following weekend, my birthday, actually, I will do the local show here, the Empire Classic. So, two shows, back to back and then I'll be done until fall.
I'm continuing what I'm doing until December 28th, and then I begin my 16 week cut for the E-Cup (New Years will be a cheat meal. Gotta celebrate!)
So, since I wasn't as lean as I'd like my first go round, taking a slow and steady 16 week cut should put me exactly where I'd like to be. I'm still working with Mike Davies for my nutritional needs, but training is all me.

Off to the Gym, have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Wow, November is here. I swear I was just making a blog entry for the first of Oct. It's almost been a month since I competed. Thank goodness I've never been one to fret over "numbers" (my weight) because I'm sure there's a significant difference from a month ago. But that's expected. It wouldn't be healthy to keep a "stage weight" year round, but, it's tough to be there and then so quickly "not there" if ya know what I mean.........
BUT, November will continue to be a building month. I feel G.R.E.A.T!!!!!!!!! Lifting heavier than I ever have. If you lift heavy and haven't tried Glutamine or BCAA's, I HIGHLY recommend them. Seriously, they help you recover fantastically!!!!
I taught Turbo last night, in my flashdance get-up, and handed out candy to my class and other employees. I know, I know, a fitness instructor should NOT condone candy, but heck, it WAS halloween! :)
I taught Core-Central & Hi-Lo this evening and even did a little extra cardio. (Extra candy = Extra work)
Tomorrow I hit Legs (Quad Dominant) and that's about all!
We have our engagement pictures this weekend and I'm really hoping a double chin isn't visible.........:(
Have a fab Friday!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is it bad.............

Wednesday = Turbokick Class AND Halloween
Halloween = Costumes
Costumes = Denise Austins/Jane Fonda

YEAHH!!!!!! Here's my costume. I'm TOTALLY wearing it to teach in. :)
And I'm bringing Candy. Is that bad? Yes, that's really bad, I know. I guess I'll them it's optional.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Top FIVE things to do this week:

1) MORNING CARDIO. I Love how I feel after a morning cardio session. Why don't I do it?? Because I "THINK" that extra 40 minutes of sleep will feel great, too. :) DO THE CARDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) STICK TO MY EATING PLAN. Still slightly above maintainance because I'm lifting like I'm a frickin' bodybuilder (okay, not really) to put on some size. Keep it in check, though. Building does not give me the right to binge. (Repeat after me)
3) RECHECK MEASURMENTS ON FRIDAY. I took them about 10 days ago, so 2 weeks might be interesting, or it may show very little.
4) GET OVER THE FACT THAT I AM IN A BUILDING STAGE. Okay. I have a love-hate relationship with allowing my body to break-down the muscle fibers (through INTENSE lifting) and GROW (through proper nutritional support) I know I'll love the outcome, BUT.....I hate feeling "THICK"er than normal. Grrrrr. Today my church pants that almost slid off my hips 6 weeks ago fit almost normally.......
5) BREAK LIFTING RECORDS. Everyday. I should be able to lift more EACH session even if it's only a 2.5lb plate. Progress, progress, progress!!
And lastly,

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Building.

I'm in a "bulk/building" phase right now and I'm really enjoying it! :) It's nice to be able to eat slightly over maintanence. I've decided I will compete again in both March and April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo so excited! Tanji Johnson (IFBB Fitness Pro) puts on a Figure & Fitness show in Vancouver Washington the 3rd or 4th week of March (Not sure yet) and lofty the Emerald Cup in Seattle April 18th. This show is HUGE!!!!! It brings out the best and I "VOW TO WOW" at that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be in my building stage until Thursday January 3rd. From there, I will begin a slow and steady cut. I'll be 15 weeks out from the EMERALD CUP and 11 or 12 weeks out from the Vancouver show, I need to find out if they've set the date yet!!!!
I want to come in a lot tighter than last time & I know I'll accomplish a decent build/bulk over the next couple months.
My legs are soooooo sore right now. I successfully ripped up every single muscle fiber that makes up my Quads. And I'm really happy about it. No matter now much I whine and cringe when I walk up OR down stairs........I LOVE IT. One other thing I will be perfecting in the next months is my posing. Posing is incredibly easy when you have your mirrors situated just right and you can see what you're doing. It's a lot different when you take that away, so I will really work hard on that.
I plan on bringing the same routine to both shows.......but I'll be adding some more gymnastics and a few more "tricks"! I had so much fun with that routine!!! :)
Alright, I'm off to bed. I have a self-imposed 10pm bedtime, Cynthia!
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

*****SHOUT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!*****

I'd like to take a minute to give a HUGE shout-out. This past weekend in Kansas City, my Mom ran a half marathon & my Dad ran the FULL Marathon!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!!! I so thrilled they did it!!!! SO WONDERFUL!!!!!! I'm thankful my parents are in great shape & live healthy, physically active livestyles! I bet they have a couple more races in 'em!!!!!!!
Here are some great pix from after the event. Luckily, they had wonderful weather, too!
*Mom & Dad, I love you sooooo much. I'm soo proud to be your daughter! :-) *

Mom & Dad after the big race
Running towards the finish line. Ya don't look tired at ALL!!

Mimi & Gavin, waiting on Grandpa to finish

Gotta love this little man (4 1/2 months old)


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well said.......

"This time of year it is more apparent than ever that people fail to reach their goals from lack of consistency. This lack of consistency is usually due to disrupted or inconsistent thought patterns. This can happen for several reasons but is usually from an undisciplined mind set. Being disciplined in behaviour is one thing and if it is based on will power or motivation, then it is a transitory thing at best and therein lays the problem."

I recommend you bookmark this page and read it when you REALLY have a chance to "comprehend" it. I've read some of his previous posts a few times each. I really like the points he makes. He sure knows his Sports Psychology.

I have a new plan. My post tomorrow will describe it...It's a good one!!!!!! :)

I'm waiting for pix from my sister to make a shout out to my folks.....I'll post them when I get them!!!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A New Plan....

Is in the works. I just got home from vacation (AWESOME TIME) and really need to re-focus on work & fitness. :0) I hate to throw out the word "Gluttony"............
.....but........what's vacation without it???? :(
I intend on setting new goals tonight & tomorrow so my next post should give you an idea what's next for me!!!!!!!!
I really hate being off of a program. I know it's not necessary to stay on a strict pre-contest diet, but I sure do better when I have attainable goals & structure. And knowing that I have progress pix every 2 weeks or so is motivation, too!
Well, I can't express my thanks enough for all the support this "thread" has offered me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off to teach Turbokick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Here are pix of my routine. It's fun to look through, because it's just about a frame-by-frame account of my routine! :-)
If the link doesn't work, please leave me a comment so I can fix it:


**it should pull up 25 pix on Shutterfly...**

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well, I got 2nd place! We're heading to lunch (yum) so I'll upload pix later, but wow, what an ammmaaazing weekend. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I promise pix, soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


What a production. I'm pretty much in awe of how smoothly pre-judging went! Fitness routines went first, I was the third (of three) to preform. It went pretty well! 2 hours later we had finished both the one & two-piece judging and I was on my way back to Seattle to rest. I took about an hour long nap, and then I was bored, so I put my two piece back on and had Gene take pix. So, here they are. I'll take a LOT more tonight now that I know how everything goes, and will post them tomorrow! Since there are only three girls in my category, I get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd........ :)
It's really a bummer more girls don't try fitness!!!!!!!!!!! IT's soooo fun!
LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Ohhhh my gosh. I am pooped. I've put in a full day and am ready to relax the rest of the evening. I got Jan Tana spray tanned at 1 & 5. Went shopping in between. Checked in after. Doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm soooooooo drained right now!!
Here's a pix after my first tanning. You can tell how white my face is and how dark my chest is. Well, I am even darker now! CRAZY! I'll update you after pre-judging since I'll come back and relax before the finals!
Much love to all. Thank you for following me in this "get buff" pursuit! I love keeping you updated & involved and thank you for your supportive words and encouragement!
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What a FUN Pursuit!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I'm going to post my before pictures to give you an idea of my progress. I say progress, and not "end result" because this absolutely is a work in progress and quite possibly always will be. I'm having sooooo much fun doing my own training, figuring out what works, what doesn't, true "trial & error" in the flesh, so to speak! :) So, here's the pix when I had this brilliant idea after watching Ms. Fitness USA in January, that, "hey, I could do that............."

And thus the journey began, well, not until May 6th. I'm not perfect. I've dealt with a chronic ankle injury that took me out of training two different times, I went on vacations, I indulged during weekends at the Lake, my inner thighs still touch, I have extra jiggle that won't budge off my triceps, and I'm still boxy through the waist, BUT MAN AM I HAVING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Friday, September 28, 2007


Just waiting for my one week out nutritional plan............time for cardio! :)
HAPPY FRIDAY, LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Can you hear the Rocky soundtrack in your head? :) HA HA
Soooo, my routine is continuing to come together quite nicely. I still have bruises all over, but they're fading. :)
It's goin to come down to the wire, but IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I've decided on my outfit and it's SO CUTE and will hopefully get the crowd going (GO 'HAWKS!) :-)
Tomorrow I'll take pix early and send them off to my nutritionist and will just keep counting down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm staying positive and just Cannoooootttt WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright, cardio time!
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Routine

IS SoOoOoOo F.A.S.T. :-)
I barely get thru one 8 count when I should be half way thru the next....
Yep, I have my work cut out for me. I'm going to gymnastics Tuesday & Thursday to practice on a softer floor. I'm bruising myself all over the place rolling on the gym floor (doesn't help when I'm flopping around trying to do a modified windmill in 2 counts........quite amusing!) Bruised hip bones, knees,'s really hot! :) Good thing my tan will cover it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cardio---Nutrition---Routine ........those are my goals for the next 12 days, I think I can handle that!!! :) So far so good. Keep the comments coming, they're very encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!
MUCHHHHH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS-My seester is the BEST!!!!! She tried her HARDEST to come to Seattle and suprise me, but it didn't work out.....Er, I love you and am SOO honored and touched that you tried!!!! THANK YOU!!! I'll see you 5 days after, though, so it's alllllll good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :) :) :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

2 Countdowns!!!!!

As excited as I am for my countdown to Bellvue, I have another countdown 4 days after I get home! We're flying to Kansas for 6 days to see my family!!!!!!! How lucky to have not one, but TWO amazing events to look forward to?? I added new pix of my nephew and if I can get away with it, I'm bringing him home with me.....sorry Er & Jas......I can't help it, he's soooo precious!! :-)
Training is going well!!!!!! Still loving it! I teach this afternoon and then I'll stay for some more cardio. Thank goodness Koksal added hundreds of songs to my IPOD when she was here!!!
All is well in Spokane, except the weather is still fairly the 50's low 60's and rainy today........ :(
MUCH LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Summer is over.......

So sad, I think Summer is officially over in the Inland I woke up to a chilly temp of 56 degrees.....really??? I don't think I'm ready for fall/winter.......:(
ANYWAY: Just finished an hour of cardio and I'm feeling GREAT!!! Yesterday was tons of cardio & a fairly short chest workout. Mondays are always crzy busy, so if I don't lift in the morning, I'm stuck lifting with a huge afternoon/evening bunch. Oh well, it was still effective.
We got the tickets in the mail for my comp. There will be 10 people in my cheering section, how amazing is that?????!!!?? :) I'm so thrilled they all want to come watch! I told them to be prepared, because these productions can be long; you've got Bodybuilding (men & women) Figure & Fitness. Should be an awesome time!!!!!
Off to get my 'hair did'. I'm going a little darker on the highlights (except for the lighter face framing pieces) and just a trim, nothing drastic (Koksal.......)
Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. to my seester: Thanks for the comment, I love you and I need some more photos of my precious little Nephew. thanks you, see you in 24 days!!!!!!! :-)

Friday, September 14, 2007

21 Days & COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!

So I clicked on "2007" (under Blog Archive, right under all the pix on the right side) which shows EVERY post I've done since May 5th. It's amazing. I've really had some High & low points (what journey doesn't...) but there's been a couple things I haven't even remembered. I'm really happy I decided to keep this blog, and I intend on using if for a LONG time! Thank you to everyone who has written a comment, and thanks, also to those who are just keeping tabs on me! I really do appreciate it! :-)
Well, as the title shows........ I'm TWENTY ONE DAYS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. I was easily in the 100's when I first started "123 days to go..." Gosh, it's finally coming. My goal for the next 21 days is to stay consistent with the nutrition and keep pumping out the cardio. Surprisingly, I'm not sick of ANY aspect of contest prep. I actually love it. It's my hobby and it keeps me busy.
I'm off to the gym to lift & do some cardio and then I'll head back at 5:30 for bootcamp.
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Active Rest

My parents are training for a 1/2 (my mom) and Full (my dad) Marathon in October. (HOW COOL IS THAT???) They have days in their training regiment that allows for REST days. My dad tells me that rest means REST, no ifs, ands or buts.
Well, that doesn't work in my case. I can't NOT do anything. I have to at least do something active everyday. Today my muscles rested but I did a little cardio. My new nutrition is awesome and I'd like to think I'm still leaning up. No, I know I am. I'm really happy with how my back is coming along. I feel so strong, it rocks. Tomorrow is leg work and........YA YA YA, I'm FINALLY teaching again this week!! I teach TurboKick tomorrow and my core central class thursday. I'm so exciting to be back, I know my ankle is still healing, but it's doing great. I'll make sure and brace it and ice it after.
Also, I'm planning on practicing my routine this week...........HOLLLLAAAHHHH!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Well, not a progress pic, but a pic of Gene & I at Renae & Brett's Wedding- August 18th. Beautiful day, SO MUCH FUN! :)
This was post engagement (Aug. 15th!) and Pre ankle re-injury (Aug. 20th)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Stronger & Stronger!

That's how I'm feeling everyday. Technically, I guess it can be applied both literally & figuratively. The literaly part is obvious, and the figurative part comes in to play with the diet & my mentality facing the next four weeks. I'm so excited about the next 29 days. I'm excited because I know I'm taking my figure to a place it's never been. I've gotta get rid of the layer of adipose that is hiding my beautiful mus-kles :) :) :)
I am seeing new muscles everday, and I think I'm getting tighter, slowly....
Sept. 17th I start a new job, so life has been a little crazier. But crazy is good, and crazy keeps me busy! :) ha ha
Anyway, I take photos tomorrow night or sat. morning, start my new nutrition, and keep pumping it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ankle is doing well! (Yes, I should enter myself in some research efforts on Glutamine, because I swear it's helped me heal a lot faster than normal....each of the....THREE times.......I've hurt my ankle this year.) Maybe the company of my ankle brace would be interested in sponsoring me!?!?! :)

Monday, September 3, 2007

4 & 1/2 Weeks ta gooooo

Happy labor day!!!!! I think today can be filed away as A GOOD DAY, because I was able to shift my cardio from the upright bike to the stair-stepper!!! YAY!!!! Not the stairmill (gauntlet) but the one you don't literally step. It's GREAT to be able to do something else, FINALLY. The ankle is feeling okay, I'm icing right now. I did a killer back workout and am feeling great overall!! This friday I take 4 week out pix for my nutritionist, and keep going from there!
ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fitness or figure......Fitness or figure....Fit....

Ohhhkay, basically that's all I've been thinking about the last couple of days. To explain my point, Lishia Dean choreographed an AWESOME routine for me that I just recieved in the mail on monday. Now I'm super bummed that I might not be able to do it until next year.....Sooo, I'm takin things day by day and I'm not going to count myself out of fitness. HEAL, ANKLE, HEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's hard to explain to people what I'm doing. I try and explain that there is Bodybuilding....Figure...& Fitness. Figure & Fitness are looking for the same thing (feminine look, no muscle striations, proportioned upper & lower body. Ya know, buff, but still girlie) AND, fitness is the addition of the 2 minute routine to showcase strength, flexibility & the five mandatory moves: one-handed push up, straddle hold, pike hold, both side & middle splits & high kicks.
I think I could explain the whole thing in my sleep. I don't know how many people have asked....."What's a fitness competition....." :) :) :) I love to talk about it, so it doesn't bother me!!!!
Alright, I gotta go bust a workout
MUCH LOVE. Sorry my last post was Sunday......... :) :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The weekend has been great thus far. I still have a back & cardio workout this afternoon. I've been restricted to just the upright bike for my cardio. I'm REALLY not thrilled about that because then it means my cardio sessions are even LONGER now. Oh well, I have plenty of magazines and books and DVRed shows to watch. JUST 40 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then ankle is doing better. Still slightly swollen and tender. I've been ice-massaging and using the ice pack A LOT! I have my classes subbed out again this week in hopes the I'll be okay the following. The diet is going well! 2 more weeks, progress pix, then I'll get a new one for three weeks. The last week is entirely different (so I've been told).
Anyway, Life is good, and I'm trying to stay as positive as I can with this ankle injury............
By the way......How is August almost over?!?!? WHOA!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I AM AN ATHLETE...............

And all athletes have their fair share of injuries. It's quite disheartening. I can't lie. There was def. a part of me that wanted to cry and give up. BUT, ALAS, that's not my character, and I WILL COMPETE OCTOBER 6th. However, once again my plans seem to change. I will enter only the Figure category. This makes me very sad because I think Figure is missing the Fun, performance aspect of the fitness routine. That, and I just paid to have my routine choreographed. It's all good, though, because I'll just bring a killer routine to the Emerald Cup and the Empire Classic next spring in Seattle & Spokane!!! That's all I can do. No reason to risk further injury. Today my ankle is still nasty and tender and bruised and sore. :(
I'm guessing I partially tore some of my ligaments, namely, these two (sorry if that was disturbing...) I'm going to see my PT the beginning of next week once he's home from vacation. In the meantime, I'm trying to get my two classes subbed out for a while. I think my main problem is that I never REALLY allowed my two previous sprains to heal (as much as I hate to admit it.) It's the whole lack of patience combined with a high pain tolerance.
This time though, I'm taking a different approach.
In a few more days I'll start back up with the upright bike for my cardio. I'm doing an upperbody workout today, and my diet will be ON POINT!
That's all for now. Wish me luck!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Right ankle. Suck.
Kinda bad, but N.O.T. bad enough to take me out. NO WAY NO HOW NOT EVEN!
Bruised a little bit, especially below my ankle bone (lateral malleolus).
I did it jumping...on my mini-tramp...doing plyometrics.... :(
Must I hypelink my old post?
This too shall pass, this too shall heal............................

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm getting soooo excited for my competition. I've been pretty excited this whole time training, but I'm really seeing changes now. A LOT can happen in 49 days. That's a good thing, because as great as it is that I'm seeing suits are still T.I.G.H.T. It gives me fat rolls I thought I'd gotten rid of! :) ha ha

So, yesterday was wonderful. AM cardio, shoulders/cardio in the afternoon and PM cardio while we watched 300. It's pretty cool, on the DVD extra's, it shows a short clip about the training of the actors/athletes. If you haven't seen the movie, these guys are freakin' RIPPED!!! Anyway, the training was all very functional and looked like fun! Train like a SPARTAN!! :) My other motto........... =)

Today I just finished my morning cardio. Short & sweet because I'm heading to the gym for LEGS! Friday is normally my leg day, but I just wasn't feeling it yesterday, so I swapped my Fri/Sat. schedule.

Tomorrow will be a short session of Bi/Tri. I think I'm getting them good enough with my chest day & back day, but, a little extra work will be fine!

My goal is still to post ALMOST everyday, so they may start to get a little shorter, but I sure do appreciate everyone's support & comments & encouragment! I'm having so much fun with this!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE X10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

50 Days to go............

Well, back at it today. I didn't have morning cardio (only 5 AM cardios for now) so that was nice to sleep in a little! :) I'm still pretty much in awe of the fact that I'm going to get married. We've been together over 2 1/2 years and I've know for a LONG time this is who I'm spending my life with, but I'll tell you what, making it OFFICIAL, is pretty special (and surreal!) Now, I need to shift my focus back to Oct. 6th!!! :)

I teach in about an hour, and then more cardio in the PM. I did a couple holds last night to send to my choreography, so here they are. I'm pretty proud I can do these, because it took me a long time to master!! :)
MUCH LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~~EM

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I AM...............................


W.O.W. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Off The Charts
Yesterdays workout'S *plural* were somethum else!!!!!!!!!!! :) I kicked it into high gear. Started with fasted cardio, worked five hours, then went to gym for LEGS & 30 min. ellip. THEN, biked another 40 minutes during the Hell'S Kitchen finale
I feel great today, I got to sleep in until about 9 so I got PLENTY of rest while my body was recovering.
Today I did about 30 minutes before breakfast, and will go to the gym around 6 for Chest & cardio. I plan on doing 45 on the bike tonight around 8:30
ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Positive feedback, (i think...) from my nutritionist. He said:
"Better, but still work to do."
:) I like that, good news, but something to work for, too!!!!!!! :) :) :)
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohh, and how stinkin' cute is my nephew?? LOVE the new pix!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Day @ Coeur D'Alene

Had a fabulous time at the lake. Lots of people out there today. Gotta take advantage of the few weekends we have left!!! No wakeboarding this time.....I'm too scaried to get hurt AND it was super choppy.
I did very well today. One day down, 54 to go! It was tough being around any junk food and resisting, but, alas, I DID RESIST!!! Cookies, chips, candy, you name it................Seriously, I'm pretty happy I stayed on the program!

*****I HAVE A CHOREOGRAPHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!******************
I really thought I'd be able to put a routine together myself.....but that didn't work, so I am working with Lishia Dean ( I sent her my music and will get the routine via DVD as soon as she can finish it!!!!!!!!!!
What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Back & of course, more cardio!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I TOOK PROGRESS PIX...............

and then I indulged in Dairy Queen.............. :S
But I feel great. I think it's easy to "mentally" beat yourself up when you cheat, but I think it's a necessary evil. It gives me reason to work hard this next 8 weeks. I expect my new diet as early as tomorrow, as late as MAYBE tuesday. Until then I'm sticking to what I have, and "up"ing if it wasn't intense already! =)
I am confident I'm in good/great shape.........BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not in STAGE SHAPE. I WILL be in 8 weeks, though. It's clicked that I'm doing this and I'm doing it FULL-FORCE. Why can't I bust my ass just like the Pro's?
My motto for the next 56 DAYS::::::::::

**********"PREPARE LIKE A PRO"********** WHY NOT?!?!?!?!?!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Tomorrow I take pix for my 8 week out diet. I'm sooo excited to really buckle down and hit it hard this next 2 months. Yesterday was Turbokick & a combined Chest/back workout. Today was AM cardio, class this evening & LEGS!!!!!
Friday is shoulders & more cardio. Lots and lots of cardio & diet right ON!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! I got my one piece suit this week and should get my 2 piece next week! Yeah, talk about motivation. It fits, it's just seriously SNUGGGG................. =)
I'm trying to post EVERYDAY, even if it's short. Posting really helps me see my progress, obviously, and it's fun to look back a few weeks & see what worked, and what didn't.
ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!! TO FELLOW COMPETITIORS: KEEP TRAINING HARD, & PREPARE TO ROCK THAT STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We had an AWESOME time in Lake Chelan! I'll update my blog tomorrow, but since I'm uploading pix to shutterfly, I figured I'd add one here! This is my folks, gene & me at the top of Pot Peak. 10 miles round trip, with some SERIOUS incline!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

***More Great News!!!!!!!!!!***

Make sure and read my first entry today so we're all on the same page. October 6th it is, and for some reason, I'm even MORE pumped. The Ironman was my ultimate goal anyway, and I think I was afraid my body wouldn't "rebound/recover" correctly after cutting and whatnot for the first show. I want to bring my BEST to Bellvue!!!
So, my Mom, Dad, Grandma & Granddad are ON THEIR WAY!!!!!! I pick them up tonight! Yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!! :) Happy times with the fam! :-)
Second, my suits are are their way, toO!!!!!!!!!!!! :) That'll be interesting....trying my suits on when I'm still 9 weeks out. Motivation or WHAT!!!
That's my news. Now I'm going to workout. What a great day!!! :)
my bestie:


Alright. I have a change of plans............. :) Here it is:
Instead of focusing on two shows (Sept. 22nd/Oct. 6th) I've decided to just focus on the Washington Ironman Championship Oct. 6th in Bellvue, Washington (outside seattle).
I've thought about the pro's & con's of trying to do both. I would love to have a "trial run" with everything at the first comp, but it's making more sense to just focus on the one show. And I do belive the Ironman is the bigger one, anyway! :)
So, that's my news. New month, new schedule, new goal. I'm now 9 weeks and a couple days out. Everything is going so well!!!!!
Once again, I get to play hostess today. My folks & grandparents will be here this evening! YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I'll try and keep ya updated, but we may be super busy!
Have a wonderful day & rest of the week!
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

8 Week Out Weekend

WAS A SUCCESS! :) I got up way too early Friday morning. Thursday night I psyched myself up about the fact that I'm 8 weeks out, and just really wanted to pump out a hard AM cardio. Which I did.....but I sure needed a nap after work! :)
That afternoon I did LEGS. Wonderful. Most women have dominant Quads, and I like to think my quads are pretty strong, BUT, my hamstrings almost felt stronger & def. had more endurance. We'll see how the next Leg workout goes. I may need to focus some extra work on the front.
Yesterday I didn't do AM sleepy. But I worked until noon, hit the gym for Shoulders & cardio, then came home relaxed, & did about another hour on the bike, watching Princess Diaries 2. :) ha ha. I really like Anne Hathaway (devil wears prada? Anyone??)
Today I just finished another AWESOME fasted cardio. Today my goal is to work long & hard on my routine. It's nice that I'm an instructor, because I have access to the aerobics room & the sound system. I'll work on that (no lift today) and hopefully stay for Yoga @ 4pm.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Early Morning!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I'm 8 WEEKS OUT..........YAAHOOOOO!!!!!!!! My comp. is on a Saturday, but my countdown is to that Friday, because that's when we head out of town! :-)
It's been almost a week since my last post......i know, I know
I had the most WONDERFUL time with my best friend here. I tried to show her everything the Inland Northwest has to offer. Basically, anyone who comes to visit me, I try and get them to relocate :) ha ha
We stayed pretty active the entire time. I missed one lifting session (got in all my cardio, though) but just added it to my next one. We did some serious boating, bike riding, walking/running. TONS OF FUN.
Now, my next visitors will be here on Wednesday night. I'm the hostess with the most-ess, what can I say!!!!!! :) My Mom, Dad, G'ma & G'dad will all be here for over a week!
Awesomely enough, my Mom is training for a half marathon & my Dad is training for a full marathon, so they'll both need to stay on track (so to speak) with their training. I can't say it enough how lucky I am to have such an active family!!!
Today is LEGS. Oh yeah! I'm focusing on the glute-ham tie in, still, and I think I'll end my session this afternoon with about 15 mins. of HIIT on the Stairmill.
I'm upping my cardio a little bit, and this weekend I'm measuring & ordering my SUITS!!!!!!!!!!!
The countdown is ON!! (As if it weren't, already.......)
HAVE A LOVELY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I have a VISITOR!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay!! Today I pick my best friend up from the airport! She gets to stay with me until Wednesday morning. I asked her what all she wants to do and she said, "I want to live the life of Em." or something to that regard.....soooo, that's awesome, because I'll be able to stay right on track, esp. considering i'm NINE WEEKS OUT......YO.
I need to get her a guest pass when I work out this afternoon, and then we'll be good to go! We'll be at the lake all day tomorrow, she'll show off her bad ass wakeboarding skills, I, on the other hand, will go NOWHERE outside the wake :-)
This Monday & Tuesday we'll go biking, running, lifting, I'll give her a fabulous hot-rock massage......we're gonna have a BLAST! I'll be fun to show her my routine, and subject her to my habits!
I'll try & blog, but, ya know, girl time can take up a majority of a day! :)
p.s. BABY GAVIN is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Seester, can he PLEEZZZ come visit Auntie EM??? :(

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lifting in the AM

Morning Cardio: Check!
Morning Lift Session (back): Check!
Happy about it?: NOPE (the lifting, that is)
I Love love love my morning cardio sessions. I feel tired and half asleep ALL morning if I don't do it. It's totally worth getting up early for! :)
As far as lifting in the morning, before work........TOTALLY not a fan. I haven't done it before, so I thought I'd give it a try since I didn't work until 10 today. I am pooped. I simply cannot lift heavy and then go to work (my work is physical, mind you). I thought it'd be nice to have cardio & lifting finished, so after work I would be done. I take that back, I MUCH prefer cardio, work, THEN lifting in the afternoons. I like maxing out my muscles, then coming home and being lazy the rest of the evening......not today, I still have class & gymnastics ahead of me......not cool.
Anyway, that's just my personal opinion on lifting. Thought I'd give it a go, and now I know why I save it for later. Luckily today was a shorter work day! :)
Off to nap!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Goodness that is TURBO

I can't say it enough. I just REALLY love this format. It never bores me, and as far as I know, it never bores my participants, either! :-) What a Win=Win situation!
I got my Shoulder workout in after work this afternoon (feeling strong. Military pressed 30 lb. dumbbells each hand.) Then rested until class. Even if I'm a "little" tired, Turbokick pumps me up big time! The hour goes by like THAT!!
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to do Back in the morning, then teach in the afternoon & go to gymnastics to work on my's coming's just stalled at the moment..........:S
Ohh, I need to order my suits soon, too! Any suggestions, lemme know!! Thank you!
MUCH LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XOXO

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Blog I read....

Among the many I check frequently, here's this one: GREAT POST today

Making Cardio NOT feel like CARDIO

Is there a secret to making cardio NOT as daunting a task as we think it is???? In my opinion, YES!!!!!!!! To get my cardio in each day, I have to: MAKE IT FUN, KEEP IT INTERESTING, CHALLENGE MYSELF and most importantly, I cannot have a clock to look it.......that makes it feel like it's never going to end........
So, I hide the clock, and just go for it. Each day I try and run SLIGHTLY faster, walk at maximum incline for a FEW more seconds, pedal at the harderst resistance 30 seconds more than yesterday. The workouts also SEEM to go faster when you break it into minute or 2 min. intervals. Basically it comes down to CONTINUALLY Challenging myself. I think, WOW, I can do a little bit this, there I go..... Before I know it, I've finished my workout, surpassed my previous goals & am drenched in sweat (the ultimate goal) :)
That's my answer to making it through the sometimes TOUGH cardio sessions. Tell yourself you love it.......eventually you'll believe it!
Now..........on the days that none of the above works, I just think about the tiny suit I have to rock on stage in less than 10 weeks.....that's some motivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha
Off to train!!!!!!

p.s. OH MY: The other way I get through my cardio?? MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My current FAV: Rhianna's new CD tracks 1-5 gets me about half way thru. (the whole CD rocks, the first 5 are more dancy, though)
I can't believe I almost forgot to mention music as my motivator. Geezzzzzzzzz

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday-Active Rest/Sat.-Back

I started Friday with almost an hour of cardio downstairs. After work I did 20 minutes on the Stairmill & 20 more min. of Incline Treadmill work. It was my active rest day and I enjoyed it! Except it's weird being at the gym and not busting out a hard lifting session........But rest is essential! :)
Today I did 1/2 hour of cardio before breakfast, and I head to the gym this afternoon for a back workout & more cardio!
That's my update! :)

“If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in your work. Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities. The thing is to get the work done." -- Dale Carnegie


Myspace Countdown or Myspace Layouts

Thursday, July 12, 2007

GNO! Hollaaaahh

Girls Night Out @ TURBO last night! I usually have one guy, sometimes two, who join us for Turbokick on Wednesday night. Not last night, it was ladies only and we rocked it out. I really needed it to, because up until class, I was having a blahhhhhh day. I was sore, my cardio didn't seem up to par, arms were just mediocre..........Turbo redeemed me :)
Morning cardio today was wonderful. I do 2 minutes forward/one minute backwards, and up the incline 2% after those three minutes..........until I hit peak incline. Helllloooo, legs. Then I finished with almost a mile run. As much as my legs could carry me. :)
Off to work, 5 appointments, then Shoulders: Teach Core-Central/hi-lo: Gymnastics tonight. BUSY DAY!
Gotta go make eggs......yummmy
MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I just finished my morning cardio. It wasn't as intense as I'd like it to be, that's for sure. My whole body is SORE. I know legs always do me in, but holding 25 lbs. plates while doing lunges & step-ups got my upper body, too. So now it's stretching, stretching, stretching!
I teach Turbo tonight (YEA! It's been 2 weeks!) so I'll get nice and warmed up beforehand. Also, I'll do a quick round of Bi's/Tri's too.
Ohh, my new diet it very simple & I'm enjoying it so far!!!!!!
Almost 10 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Wednesday~

Monday, July 9, 2007

Start the Week off Right: WITH LEGS!!!!

I have a love hate relationship with leg work. I love it. But Damn if it isn't hard!!!! Geez. If my legs aren't shakin like leaves after, I haven't done my job. DOMS is expected. :)
So, as many of you know, or have figured out, I'm HUGE into Quotes. There is an AWESOME website that I recommend you go to each morning before you do anything else. It changes everyday, and takes 10 seconds to read, so, instead of posting each one here *because they're all Post worthy* I figured I'd just share the website.

Here's todays: which rings SOOOO true in my efforts! The website is at the bottom.
The other side of effort~~~

On the other side of effort is accomplishment. On the other side of effort is the achievement of your goal.

From where you now stand, the effort may look like something you would rather avoid. The challenges may appear to be imposing and even insurmountable.

Think for a moment, though, about what things will look like from the other side of the effort, when it is finished. Consider how it will be once you've made the effort and moved through the challenges.

Looking back on the effort, you'll be thankful you did it. Looking back on the challenges, you'll know how much stronger and more capable they made you.

Looking back on the whole experience, you'll realize that your commitment and persistence took you somewhere special. They took you precisely where you had chosen to go.

The effort you now face will make significant demands of you, and yet the rewards are many. Choose now to start working your way to the other side.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

An Update Photo

To get a new diet, I have to send progress pix to my nutritionist (Mike Davies: FITNESS FACTORY!)
Here ya go:

Friday, July 6, 2007

Yep, obsessed w/ Quotes & inspirational thoughts!

What is possible to imagine, is possible. The distance between imagination and reality is not very far.

Your imagination has great power to direct and influence those things you create in your life. So why is it that many of the good and desirable things you imagine do not ever happen?

Because along with the positive things you imagine, you may also be imagining fear and doubt in nearly equal proportion. Although your imagination is indeed powerful, it may be using up much of that power to fight against itself.

Your dreams, minus your doubts, equal your reality. To make real progress in your life, you can either make your doubts smaller or make your dreams bigger.

As you move through life, your imagination leads the way. Is it pushing you back with doubt and fear as much as, or even more than it is pulling you forward?

Choose to imagine the good and valuable things with such great passion and purpose that they far outweigh any doubts or fears you may have. And you'll soon find yourself living the reality of your most treasured dreams.

Progress Pix Tomorrow

I got "tanned up" tonight and will take pix tomorrow morn. after my cardio.......

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Think THIS one through (or thru, or threw) :)

"You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done."


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

Wow, it's been too long since my last post. My bad.
I had an outSTANDING time with my family. Just incredible. My sister & b-i-law are fab parents. I don't know how they do it, they're naturals! :) Gavin is wonderful, content, happy, HANDSOME & an all around excellent baby. I'm such a lucky Auntie! :)
My Training while in Kansas was pretty much ON POINT. I didn't have an issue at all, which I'm really glad about. I even ran a four mile loop a few times, something I haven't done in a while (run outside, that is...)
As far as Diet: I had two cheats: Mexican & Italian. The mex. was fine, no real stomach issues, but the Italian? I think I ate way too much bread before my entree....I was a hurtin' unit afterwards......yikes, I HATE that feeling.
Anyway, I'm taking progress pix this Saturday so I can get my new nutrition program. I'm 11 weeks out this Sat.......h.o.l.y.c.o.w.
I'm uploading a pic from today, if you look over our shoulders, you can see my set of "48" stadium stairs.....ohhh yeah!
Much love & I hope everyone was safe today!
I'll resume my regular posting, so keep on checkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Not awesome. I figure when I lived here, I was well acclimated to the heat & humidity. Being gone a while....well, you lose that. Holy cow, I've about overheated & melted four times since I've been here :)
The Aunt Club freaking ROCKS! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Gavin is an amazing baby. Er & Jas are great parents. All is well!!!!!!
I'm happy to say my workouts have continued!! Yeahh!!! I'm so lucky to have an active & athletic family who shares my love for fitness!!! :) My Mom & I got a free 7 day pass to 24 Hour Fitness so Sat. I did Chest, & yesterday I did Back. Also, we went to a Turbokick class Sat. morning, which is so much fun to TAKE, for once! :)
Today we ran 5 miles (fasted) & this afternoon I'll do Leg work.
All in all the eating has been well, too. I haven't cheated yet. I have two cheat meals while I'm in town, so......I'll make 'em gooooodddd. ha ha. If only the cheats didn't upset my stomach.....I'd probably be tempted to do it more.....don't tell my nutritionist....... :) JUST KIDDIN'
Getting ready to go shopping!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm going, going, back back, to KANSAS, KANSAS

My version of Biggie. :) Soooooooooooo, todays the BIG DAY!! This evening I finally get to meet my Nephew GAVIN!!!!!!!! He's 15 days old today. Goodness, can this day go any faster???
I just finished a great cardio session, I'm getting ready to make a big omlette & then head to the airport. I've packed my food for the day and last night I organized all of my dry food that I'll take with me, plus all my supplements & whatnot.....ESP. my glutamine. I love that stuff! :)
Like I said previously, this trip will absolutely be productive as far as my training regiment goes. I'm confident I'll be able to work it all in!
I'm 13 weeks out...............W.H.O.A!!!! Crazy. Am I nuts??? :) With all the research I've done (I've just about researched it to tears.....) it seems most of the women start their contest prep. full force @ either 12 or 8 weeks out. I think I've got a great start this past 6 weeks, and hopefully I'll have it in me to kick it up a notch! :-)
Well, breakfast is calling..............wish me happy flying..........:)
ALL MY LOVE TO ALL: MAKE IT A 212 Degree day!!!!!!!!!!!!! (google it)
P.S. I hope to keep my blog updated, so keep checkin! *XOXO*

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DOM. DOM. DOM. DOMSSSSS...........

I have a love-hate relationship with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This past Sunday we were out at the lake & there is a LOOONNGG set of stairs that go down to the boat slip. I think 50 steps or more & they're SUPER steep. Anyway, I needed to get my cardio in, so I did ten sets of "stadium stairs." YIKES. My calves are sooo stinkin sore. And THEN, yesterday I did LEGS at the gym. So, needless to say, my entire lower body is worthless today! :) No, not really, I did my morning cardio & it was helpful to get some blood flowing and loosen things up. I'm actually pretty pumped about the stairs, though, because it's an excellent workout & easy to pump out......and, come on, it's a beautiful setting, too! :)
Today I have shoulders, tomorrow is off, Thursday is back & Friday is chest before I LEAVE FOR KC!!!!!! I've made a list of everything I need to take to enable me to stay on track.......This Vacation will be awesome, but productive, as well!

Friday, June 15, 2007


It'sssssss FRIDAY!!!!! (well, not officially for me: I work 8-12am tomor)
Wednesday night I taught Turbokick @ OZ and had like 22 people in class, HOLLAH! :-)
I LOVE it when the classes are big, sooo much fuN! Yesterday I taught core-central & Hi-Lo and then went to Gymnastics @ 7pm. TONIGHT, It's round 2 (actually, we're doing round 27) of TURBOKICK!!! It's my first class @ my gymnastics gym. The class will def. be smaller, but that's fine, too! Seriously, if you have access to a gym that offers TurboKick, CHECK IT OUT! It's the "Class" version of TurboJam (beachbody: infommercial) It's the best way to pump out a good HOUR of cardio.
Anyway, just wanted to post before I head off to teach! I did fasted cardio this morning (& yesterday) and just got back from doing "BACK" *ha* at the gym.
Have a FABBBBB Weekend! :) We're heading to CDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAKE TIME!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

14 Weeks & a few days............

Holy Moly. Time has already FLOWN by................I'm pretty sure my first blog entry was May 5th. (I didn't check) But, that was over *FIVE* weeks ago. Whoa. In that time, I've decided that my focus is upperbody/lowerbody symmetry & shedding bodyfat. I haven't had my BF taken because I'm not fond of calipers. The numbers can vary according to the person performing the test. That's frustrating & I don't want to get stuck on numbers or percentages. One competitor told me, "The last thing you'll hear a judge say is, 'What's your Bodyfat, and how much do you weigh?'" Soooo, I've basically been relying on visually how I look, specifically through pix. My goal through all of this is to have no "regrets" once I'm on stage. I don't want to be a week out and think, "Wow, I wish I had ten or so extra days to focus on this...." So, that's what I keep telling myself, Work hard now, so I don't have to work DOUBLE hard- come the end of September!!!
Anyway, yes, I'm still working as hard as I can. I did my AM cardio & then hit Legs for the second time this week. I'm doing legs twice a week, once to focus on quads, the other on glutes & hammies. I will do this for about the next 6 weeks, then go back to just once a week. Everything else is the same for the most part!!!!!!!!!!
I know I've said it before, but GEEZ, I just LOVE lifting, it's the best!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

115 Dumbbell Press

So, yes, this is MY blog, but, today I feel compelled to share the success of my significant other, Gene. He's been busting out some tough workouts himself, and today he surpassed his dumbbell press record. He usually does 105's (in each hand, obviously.) Well, TODAY he had 115 in each hand, and pumped it out!!!!!!! It was pretty outstanding!!!!! :)
I was doing my own Shoulder work, and just happened to be watching him & his lifting partner. So, anyway, I got to see him do it, and I'm just really proud of him because he's working SO hard and making some serious gains!

Shoulder work went well! My legs are super sore from Saturdays workout. I now know what's working for legs.....I think.......:)
This morning I did the 8th consecutive day of AM cardio. Yeahhhh!
I have a friend from Utah, Kate, who is competing this weekend in Chicago for Junior Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!! She's looking GREAT and should qualify for nationals in Figure. She's sooooo close!!! I'll post competition pix if she's cool with that!
She sure inspires me to stay on track!!!! It's been awesome corresponding with her and a few other competitors! Kind of the Insiders point of view! :)

2 hours until bed, and I'll eat again in an hour.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 Days STRAIGHT!!! Hollahhhh

Alright. So this past week I met my goal of doing 40 or more minutes of fasted cardio each morning. I DID IT! :-) Yeahhh! Let me tell you, it's soooooo incredibly tempting to stay in bed.......but I managed it. I have a TV & my CD player down there (in our basement), so once I MAKE it down there, I have plenty to keep me busy. On a side note, Rhianna's new CD is fantastic!
Yesterday I TORE my legs up big time. I think I have a fairly strong base Quad wise, but my Ham-Glute tie in could use some serious work. That's my focus!
Today I'm doing shoulders & more cardio @ the gym. The new diets are WONDERFUL. I love having three different varieties to mix it up. I feel like I'm progressing on schedule! My first competition has their website updated for this year: Time to start visualizing!!!! :-)

Soooooo, in other new, My Nephew, Gavin is doing faaabulously!!!!!!!!!! :) Mom, Dad & baby are home now and just loving life! My countdown to KC is 12 days!!!
Much LOVE to all~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, June 8, 2007

Fitness Update........

Well, as exciting as the last two days have been, I've actually been able to stay strong with my training. My ankle is doing VERY well, I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's what I've been doing:
  • Wednesday: AM Cardio, Chest, TurboKick (teach)
  • Thursday: AM Cardio, OFF, Core Central/Hi-Lo (teach)
  • Friday: AM Cardio, Arms (triceps/biceps), Cardio
  • I've done AM Cardio EVERYDAY this week!!!! That was my goal, 7 days in a row. 5 down....2 to's getting a LOT easier! It's actually nice to hit the bike for 40 minutes and read a magazine or watch the Todays Show coverage on Paris Hilton......ha ha, I'm sure that's just the kind of news they want to cover; I mean, aren't there bigger issues???
  • Tomorrow: AM Cardio, LEGS, and more cardio after lifting.
  • I'm feeling SoOoO strong. The Glutamine supplement (3x a day) is pretty fabulous. I can lift HARD, break down the muscle fibers, and boy, does the glutamine help in a quick recovery of those muscles! That, & Epsom salt baths & eventually-massage! :)
  • I'm sticking with 3 days on, 1 day active rest, 2 days on, 1 day active rest!
  • Progress pix next weekend................

Thursday, June 7, 2007







WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6-7-2007

Signing off~

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

............Okay, not YET, but soon enough! Just got a call from my Mom & Dad (aka: Mimi & Grandpa) and they're on there way to Kansas City!!!!!!!!!!! Erin had her epideral & now it's just a matter of time! I'll give updates as the day goes I really have to go to work today? I mean, I'm becoming an AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) JUNE 7th, 2007!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

New Day, New Week...110 DAYS TO GO!!! :)

Well, I've mentally accepted the fact that letting my ankle heal properly will pay off in the long run. :) I've done pretty well since Wednesday night. I didn't do any cardio Thur, Fri. Sat. and then yesterday I did about 40 min. of upright bike and a full shoulder/chest workout. Today, I'm hoping to do the same thing cardio wise, and do a back session. Tomorrow, if all feels well, I'm doing to do legs. There are plenty of non-weight baring exercises I can do.
Let see.........Ohh, I got my new diet for the next 3-4 weeks and am realllllly excited. I have three variations to it, depending on what body part I'm lifting or if it's an off day. Gotta love mixing it up! So, I'm taking a nice little power nap here in a minute, then heading to the gym, then to the store and then home to watch Hell's Kitchen......oh yeah!
Any day now I'll be signing off as, "AUNTIE EM" :) :) :) :) Can you tell how excited I am?!?!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I AM my Own Worst Enemy...........????????

REALLY?? I am so frustrated. Apparently, my right anterior talofibular ligament HATES me. I rolled the CRAP (that's medical terminology, right?) out of my right ankle on March 6th............It was bad. I've had worse, but it was right up there pain wise. Well, I like to think I did a fair job of rehabbing it............I guess I thought wrong.
Tonight at TurboKick I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Like, literally, rolled the ankle, fell to the floor to "go with the roll". Oh My Gosh..........That's all I can say. Oh My Gosh. Please tell me I'll wake up and feel great. I've already ice massaged it twice, and I'm compressing and elevating it as we speak. I'm really bummed. Just when I pump out a month straight of consistent work..............I don't know what else to say, except I need to take care of this. And please, patience in not MY virtue. This will be tough, but I know, I know, I must be smart and deal with this before anything else. Oh, and of course when I'm researching it, I read this:
"Ankle sprain is the most frequent sports injury encountered today. The complications include prolonged ankle pain, a high rate of recurrence, and chronic ankle instability."
Huhhhhh, well, that about wraps it up for me: High rate of recurrence,and apparently, chronic ankle instability. Must I mention, too, that I was wearing my Mid Ryka's (think high top) and my ace ankle brace and it still happened?...........................................................

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I was "TAGGED"

So, I got tagged and this is what I'm suppose to do. I don't know enough people to tag back, but I thought I'd play along:
Here are 7 random facts about me:
  1. I can do a straddle sit on my elbows/triceps. PERFECT for my fitness routine! Pictures coming soon............
  2. I have a mild obsession with 94% Fat Free KETTLE KORN's my nemesis come pre-contest tasty, just try it
  3. I dance anytime I can. Even in my car......Yes, I'm that girl, jamming out in my seat.
  4. I introduced the wonderful world of Sonic Drive-In to my significant other......really, who HASN'T has Sonic? I practically lived there in high school......we were so cool. :)
  5. I have two 10 month old cats, siblings: Sophia & Nash. THEY ROCK!!!
  6. Growing up I couldn't tell you if Washington State was above or below Oregon. Now I live here..........:)
  7. I'm double-jointed in both hips.......just ask, I'll demonstrate! :)
  8. Okay, just one more::: I have to give a shout out. I will be 'AUNTIE EM' in a matter of days, and yes, I am from KANSAS! HOLLA TO GAVIN MICHAEL PEREZ!!!!!!!!

Saturday Shoulders

Alright. So much for time off Memorial Weekend, right?? I worked this morning, and will be working Monday too......Luckily I love my job and it's no biggie.
I trained my shoulders today. It went very well. I'm hoping to develop the "cap" (medial Delt) so I have the nice Round look to the upper body. But, I'm also trying to hit rear delts, too. I make sure and warm up my rotator cuff muscles really well before. The LAST thing I need is a shoulder injury! I'm thinking I'm about due for a massage, forearms are nasty!
I've only done 35 min. of cardio thus far. But, I intend on hitting my new upright bike downstairs after dinner............
Tomorrow will be LEGS. I'll lift and then heading to CVHS to do some stadium stairs........Geez, I haven't done those since volleyball in '01...........ohhh, bad conditioning memories! :)
Anyway, I hope Memorial Day is enjoyable for everyone!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

16 DAYS DOWN........122 to GO!!!!!!!!!!

The last physical challenge I accomplished (besides becoming a Group Exercise Instructor & TurboKick instructor) was completing a Half Marathon. I was living in Tempe at the time, and had hit a point where I was only "maintaining" my physical, the goal to finish the Half really made me focus on a goal. I "upped" my mileage accordingly each week, and finished without walking (that was my mini-goal, run the whole thing!)
ANYWAY, my point to this is: training for a Half is a hell of a lot easier than training for a Fitness Competition. With running, there are basic templete like charts that recommend how much you run each week, distance, intensity, rest day, and so on......Competing, on the other hand, has FAR too many variables to try and chart. It's different for everyone!!!! Like I've said before, trial & error!!! I'm amazed so many women do this while maintaining a full time job and a lot of them are mommies, too........I don't know how they do it..........I feel consumed (don't get me wrong, I FREAKIN' LOVE IT) by the training, diet, motivation's just amazing. There are far too many times when I'd rather stay in bed then get dressed & head for treadmill in the cold basement for cardio on an empty stomach (fasted cardio) BUT, 70% of the time I do it........I need to work on that! :)
You could easily give yourself a year of Prep, but I'm still POSITIVE I'm on track. I'm not afraid to say I'm proud of myself.....I really am progressing nicely, but it surely is a part-time job. I love it and would be blessed if it turns into a career opportunity, not just competing, but helping others Prep............ :-) :-) :-)
On the training side of things.......This morning I did 35 min. fasted cardio @ home, and just finished Back & 2o min. cardio @ gym. I'll head back in a few hours for TURBO, and then we'll do a leisurely bike ride after..........
That's it for now! Thank you all for any comments, they brighten my day & make me laugh! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, a Day of Rest?

Wednesday ended with Turbo. Another great class, my participants really pump me up and push me to take it up another level! So much fun. I've actually encouraged one of my members to get TurboKick certified in June! Yay!
Thursday class went well, as did Gymnastics. My coach took a copy of my routine music and plans to help me with choreography!! I'm so glad I'll have help. She was impressed with how far I've come in just 4 classes! :)
Friday was my "active rest" day. I biked in the morning, and did cross training in the evening (bike & incline walk). Saturday I did Shoulders and HIIT on the stair mill. Today I'll do legs and some incline s.s. cardio. I'm feeling great!! Diet is great, my clothes are already loose! I still need to practice my holds and watch my posing DVD.
I think Monday & Friday will be my "active rest" days. Each week I find something I can tweak when it comes to my training............Oh well, that's part of it~ a willingness to adjust! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

127 Days to go!!

Just finished Chest at the gym. Short workout since I teach tonight. I have back tomorrow and then Friday is my "active rest" day weightlifting, wise. I don't lift again until late Sat. afternoon. I like to think I'm doing a pretty nice job taking care of myself! I eat my meals every two hours, supplement accordingly, ice if necessary, get a massage (when possible), take Epsom salt bath and go to bed at 10! I'm fully aware that my muscles need rest (that's when they grow, Right!) and over-training is the last thing I want to happen. I'm basically 17 weeks out and ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'm happy with my progress thus far and will changing my workouts if I feel I'm not recovered from the previous session.
P.S. I LOVE TO LIFT!!! Yeahhhh.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Legs, Legs, Legs

This morning I worked my legs SO hard! It was intense, I'm really happy with how it went! After lifting, I did HIIT on the Stair Mill and just about couldn't walk afterwards- my legs were JELLO!!! :) I gotta say I love that feeling! Come Wednesdays, my week just flies by, and, it's packed with fitness! I have chest & Turbo Kick tomorrow, Core Central/Hi-Lo & Gymnastics on Thursday (oh yeah, and back) and Friday I do a long bike ride, no lifting. I just watched Ms. Fitness World on FSN and it definitely pumps me up and makes me work hard! I know my goal seems "lofty" but I'm confident! It's helpful that so many people believe in me, too! :) :) :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's the Weekend.....

Well, almost.....I have 6 appointments this morning, then I'm heading to the gym for shoulders & back...........and over an hour of cardio. Maybe I'll split it up and do a bike ride in the evening. The rest of my week (thurs. fri) went pretty well! I have some mini goals for the next couple days. I need to finish all my water (sounds easy......not so much) practice my straddle holds with the pushup bars, complete all cardio, go to yoga, stretch, stretch, stretch and practice splits. Also, I need to do some hydrotherapy on my sore spots......ouch! And lastly, prep. all my meals for next week........What's 8 times 5? A lot of freakin' meals........:)
Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next week I'm taking progress pix.....oohhh goodness.....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Turbo Wednesdays

Alright, if I could continue with the pace I was at, I'd really be getting somewhere! :) I woke up and did fasted HIIT on the treadmill. Worked until 2pm, hit the gym for Chest, came home and napped, went back and taught 1 hr. of TurboKick. WONDERFUL class, so much fun, 20 people there! Tomorrow I will do more HIIT in the morning, work again until 2pm, go teach at 4:30, and then go to Gymnastics at 7pm! I'm LOVING Gymnastics. Last week I was practicing round off back handsprings, handstands, straddle jumps, and the rest of the required moves for my routine. I stocked up on fish today......yipee......who knew I (of all picky people) would end up eating asparagus and cod??? parents will be so proud......:) :) :) tee hee hee.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Favorite Quotes!

If you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in your work. Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities. The thing is to get the work done." -- Dale Carnegie

"Victories that are easy are cheap. Those only are worth having which come as the result of hard fighting.”

“Nobody ever drowned in sweat.”

“ Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it”

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Liberty Lake Loop

AWESOME!!! Today my leg workout consisted of a three HOUR hike in Liberty Lake. Just b-e-a-utiful!! :) There were two or three Serious inclines that really fatigued the legs. I didn't eat as often as I was suppose to, but I wasn't too far off. Tomorrow is bi/tri's and I'm subbing an hour long step class which will almost cover cardio for the day. We hope to start biking a lot in the evenings...the weather is Finally staying nice consistently! Yeahhhhh! Love it!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

138 DAYS OUT!!!!!!!

Wow. I can't believe I'm really doing this. I anticipate that I have quite the adventure in front of me. I'm hoping to keep *and share* this blog to help keep me motivated and on track. I look forward to posting my progress and hopefully all my successes!! :)
Much love to all, please stay tuned!