Saturday, January 26, 2008


My new lifting schedule looks like this:
Sun. *****LEGS
Mon. *****CHEST
Tues. REST
Wed. *****BACK
Thur. *****ARMS/Light Legs possibly

So, my "week" begins on saturdays and I do a three day on, one day off, two on, one off. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! :)
I must say, I don't personally understand why people don't lift on the weekends. I find it gives me WAY more time to focus. I only lift 3 days during the week and feel much less stressed trying to get everything it. Just personal preferance I'm sure! :)
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

S.E.T. Master Class

Today was great, I woke up early, got in an AWESOME Jen Hendershott shoulder workout, worked 3 hours, got my hair cut (FINALLY!) and have been home ever since. Oh, and in that time it snowed about 5-6 inches. They were huge flakes just coming down! Snow is all well and good in December when it's festive, but now, ALMOST Feb. it's just annoying! :(
Tomorrow I have my instructor Master class and this month it's Strength & Endurance training. Lots of fun, this is what the class is comprised of:
Testing. 1 min. each: Push ups/sit-ups/quick feet step ups.
Lift: 3 min.
Cardio: 3 min.

Alternate lift & cardio.
Typical lifts go: Squat, chest, back, lunges, bi's, tri's, abs. Goal is to be 6-7 R.P.E. (Rate of Perceived Exertion out of 10)

Cardio: interval drills possibly incorporating light weights. R.P.E. 7-8

This class is a ball, it's actually one I subbed last monday. Usually a HUGE class at my club, members love it.

I'm also doing a killer leg workout tomorrow. Yeah, I'll let you know if I can't walk in a couple days. That's the goal. Sick huh? :) ha ha

Ohhh, by the way, did I mention I'm less than FOUR MONTHS AWAY FROM MY WEDDING?!?!?!?!?! Talk about a busy time! Life issss goooooood! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A home gym called......................

Yup, you read correctly, our newly finished basement (okay, ALMOST) has and will always be called Schwetty's (think sweaty, with a "sshh")
:) I just love the name......although I think it came from an inappropriate SNL skit.....anyway, I like it and OH MY GOSH, it's almost done!
We've used it as our cardio/storage room for the last 17 months but just this past Monday the guys started finishing it. We (I) picked an awesome blue paint. I just imagine "air/breath/water". Perfect for my new workout room. We're also getting mirrors, so that'll be great for posing practice.
When it's all finished, we'll have our Treadmill, Full body-elliptial and upright (slightly ghetto) bike. Plus our 'perfect pushup' handles (awesome) fitness ball, random weights/barbells. So, we're ready to rock it!
And Schwetty's will live up to its name.....................

p.s. Training is fantastic! We started our early morning sessions, so it's awesome to have 1/2 your workout done by 8am!!!!
Much LOVE!!!!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

SORRY---More Pix

Per request: Melissa. In the middle. Bridesmaid & the Hostess with the most-est!