Thursday, November 1, 2007


Wow, November is here. I swear I was just making a blog entry for the first of Oct. It's almost been a month since I competed. Thank goodness I've never been one to fret over "numbers" (my weight) because I'm sure there's a significant difference from a month ago. But that's expected. It wouldn't be healthy to keep a "stage weight" year round, but, it's tough to be there and then so quickly "not there" if ya know what I mean.........
BUT, November will continue to be a building month. I feel G.R.E.A.T!!!!!!!!! Lifting heavier than I ever have. If you lift heavy and haven't tried Glutamine or BCAA's, I HIGHLY recommend them. Seriously, they help you recover fantastically!!!!
I taught Turbo last night, in my flashdance get-up, and handed out candy to my class and other employees. I know, I know, a fitness instructor should NOT condone candy, but heck, it WAS halloween! :)
I taught Core-Central & Hi-Lo this evening and even did a little extra cardio. (Extra candy = Extra work)
Tomorrow I hit Legs (Quad Dominant) and that's about all!
We have our engagement pictures this weekend and I'm really hoping a double chin isn't visible.........:(
Have a fab Friday!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is it bad.............

Wednesday = Turbokick Class AND Halloween
Halloween = Costumes
Costumes = Denise Austins/Jane Fonda

YEAHH!!!!!! Here's my costume. I'm TOTALLY wearing it to teach in. :)
And I'm bringing Candy. Is that bad? Yes, that's really bad, I know. I guess I'll them it's optional.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Top FIVE things to do this week:

1) MORNING CARDIO. I Love how I feel after a morning cardio session. Why don't I do it?? Because I "THINK" that extra 40 minutes of sleep will feel great, too. :) DO THE CARDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) STICK TO MY EATING PLAN. Still slightly above maintainance because I'm lifting like I'm a frickin' bodybuilder (okay, not really) to put on some size. Keep it in check, though. Building does not give me the right to binge. (Repeat after me)
3) RECHECK MEASURMENTS ON FRIDAY. I took them about 10 days ago, so 2 weeks might be interesting, or it may show very little.
4) GET OVER THE FACT THAT I AM IN A BUILDING STAGE. Okay. I have a love-hate relationship with allowing my body to break-down the muscle fibers (through INTENSE lifting) and GROW (through proper nutritional support) I know I'll love the outcome, BUT.....I hate feeling "THICK"er than normal. Grrrrr. Today my church pants that almost slid off my hips 6 weeks ago fit almost normally.......
5) BREAK LIFTING RECORDS. Everyday. I should be able to lift more EACH session even if it's only a 2.5lb plate. Progress, progress, progress!!
And lastly,