Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Building.

I'm in a "bulk/building" phase right now and I'm really enjoying it! :) It's nice to be able to eat slightly over maintanence. I've decided I will compete again in both March and April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo so excited! Tanji Johnson (IFBB Fitness Pro) puts on a Figure & Fitness show in Vancouver Washington the 3rd or 4th week of March (Not sure yet) and lofty the Emerald Cup in Seattle April 18th. This show is HUGE!!!!! It brings out the best and I "VOW TO WOW" at that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be in my building stage until Thursday January 3rd. From there, I will begin a slow and steady cut. I'll be 15 weeks out from the EMERALD CUP and 11 or 12 weeks out from the Vancouver show, I need to find out if they've set the date yet!!!!
I want to come in a lot tighter than last time & I know I'll accomplish a decent build/bulk over the next couple months.
My legs are soooooo sore right now. I successfully ripped up every single muscle fiber that makes up my Quads. And I'm really happy about it. No matter now much I whine and cringe when I walk up OR down stairs........I LOVE IT. One other thing I will be perfecting in the next months is my posing. Posing is incredibly easy when you have your mirrors situated just right and you can see what you're doing. It's a lot different when you take that away, so I will really work hard on that.
I plan on bringing the same routine to both shows.......but I'll be adding some more gymnastics and a few more "tricks"! I had so much fun with that routine!!! :)
Alright, I'm off to bed. I have a self-imposed 10pm bedtime, Cynthia!
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

*****SHOUT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!*****

I'd like to take a minute to give a HUGE shout-out. This past weekend in Kansas City, my Mom ran a half marathon & my Dad ran the FULL Marathon!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!!! I so thrilled they did it!!!! SO WONDERFUL!!!!!! I'm thankful my parents are in great shape & live healthy, physically active livestyles! I bet they have a couple more races in 'em!!!!!!!
Here are some great pix from after the event. Luckily, they had wonderful weather, too!
*Mom & Dad, I love you sooooo much. I'm soo proud to be your daughter! :-) *

Mom & Dad after the big race
Running towards the finish line. Ya don't look tired at ALL!!

Mimi & Gavin, waiting on Grandpa to finish

Gotta love this little man (4 1/2 months old)


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well said.......

"This time of year it is more apparent than ever that people fail to reach their goals from lack of consistency. This lack of consistency is usually due to disrupted or inconsistent thought patterns. This can happen for several reasons but is usually from an undisciplined mind set. Being disciplined in behaviour is one thing and if it is based on will power or motivation, then it is a transitory thing at best and therein lays the problem."

I recommend you bookmark this page and read it when you REALLY have a chance to "comprehend" it. I've read some of his previous posts a few times each. I really like the points he makes. He sure knows his Sports Psychology.

I have a new plan. My post tomorrow will describe it...It's a good one!!!!!! :)

I'm waiting for pix from my sister to make a shout out to my folks.....I'll post them when I get them!!!