Thursday, September 20, 2007

2 Countdowns!!!!!

As excited as I am for my countdown to Bellvue, I have another countdown 4 days after I get home! We're flying to Kansas for 6 days to see my family!!!!!!! How lucky to have not one, but TWO amazing events to look forward to?? I added new pix of my nephew and if I can get away with it, I'm bringing him home with me.....sorry Er & Jas......I can't help it, he's soooo precious!! :-)
Training is going well!!!!!! Still loving it! I teach this afternoon and then I'll stay for some more cardio. Thank goodness Koksal added hundreds of songs to my IPOD when she was here!!!
All is well in Spokane, except the weather is still fairly the 50's low 60's and rainy today........ :(
MUCH LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Summer is over.......

So sad, I think Summer is officially over in the Inland I woke up to a chilly temp of 56 degrees.....really??? I don't think I'm ready for fall/winter.......:(
ANYWAY: Just finished an hour of cardio and I'm feeling GREAT!!! Yesterday was tons of cardio & a fairly short chest workout. Mondays are always crzy busy, so if I don't lift in the morning, I'm stuck lifting with a huge afternoon/evening bunch. Oh well, it was still effective.
We got the tickets in the mail for my comp. There will be 10 people in my cheering section, how amazing is that?????!!!?? :) I'm so thrilled they all want to come watch! I told them to be prepared, because these productions can be long; you've got Bodybuilding (men & women) Figure & Fitness. Should be an awesome time!!!!!
Off to get my 'hair did'. I'm going a little darker on the highlights (except for the lighter face framing pieces) and just a trim, nothing drastic (Koksal.......)
Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. to my seester: Thanks for the comment, I love you and I need some more photos of my precious little Nephew. thanks you, see you in 24 days!!!!!!! :-)