Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A New Plan....

Is in the works. I just got home from vacation (AWESOME TIME) and really need to re-focus on work & fitness. :0) I hate to throw out the word "Gluttony"............
.....but........what's vacation without it???? :(
I intend on setting new goals tonight & tomorrow so my next post should give you an idea what's next for me!!!!!!!!
I really hate being off of a program. I know it's not necessary to stay on a strict pre-contest diet, but I sure do better when I have attainable goals & structure. And knowing that I have progress pix every 2 weeks or so is motivation, too!
Well, I can't express my thanks enough for all the support this "thread" has offered me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Off to teach Turbokick!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!