Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm getting soooo excited for my competition. I've been pretty excited this whole time training, but I'm really seeing changes now. A LOT can happen in 49 days. That's a good thing, because as great as it is that I'm seeing suits are still T.I.G.H.T. It gives me fat rolls I thought I'd gotten rid of! :) ha ha

So, yesterday was wonderful. AM cardio, shoulders/cardio in the afternoon and PM cardio while we watched 300. It's pretty cool, on the DVD extra's, it shows a short clip about the training of the actors/athletes. If you haven't seen the movie, these guys are freakin' RIPPED!!! Anyway, the training was all very functional and looked like fun! Train like a SPARTAN!! :) My other motto........... =)

Today I just finished my morning cardio. Short & sweet because I'm heading to the gym for LEGS! Friday is normally my leg day, but I just wasn't feeling it yesterday, so I swapped my Fri/Sat. schedule.

Tomorrow will be a short session of Bi/Tri. I think I'm getting them good enough with my chest day & back day, but, a little extra work will be fine!

My goal is still to post ALMOST everyday, so they may start to get a little shorter, but I sure do appreciate everyone's support & comments & encouragment! I'm having so much fun with this!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE X10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

50 Days to go............

Well, back at it today. I didn't have morning cardio (only 5 AM cardios for now) so that was nice to sleep in a little! :) I'm still pretty much in awe of the fact that I'm going to get married. We've been together over 2 1/2 years and I've know for a LONG time this is who I'm spending my life with, but I'll tell you what, making it OFFICIAL, is pretty special (and surreal!) Now, I need to shift my focus back to Oct. 6th!!! :)

I teach in about an hour, and then more cardio in the PM. I did a couple holds last night to send to my choreography, so here they are. I'm pretty proud I can do these, because it took me a long time to master!! :)
MUCH LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~~EM

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I AM...............................


W.O.W. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Off The Charts
Yesterdays workout'S *plural* were somethum else!!!!!!!!!!! :) I kicked it into high gear. Started with fasted cardio, worked five hours, then went to gym for LEGS & 30 min. ellip. THEN, biked another 40 minutes during the Hell'S Kitchen finale
I feel great today, I got to sleep in until about 9 so I got PLENTY of rest while my body was recovering.
Today I did about 30 minutes before breakfast, and will go to the gym around 6 for Chest & cardio. I plan on doing 45 on the bike tonight around 8:30
ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Positive feedback, (i think...) from my nutritionist. He said:
"Better, but still work to do."
:) I like that, good news, but something to work for, too!!!!!!! :) :) :)
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohh, and how stinkin' cute is my nephew?? LOVE the new pix!!!!!!!!!!! :)