Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm going, going, back back, to KANSAS, KANSAS

My version of Biggie. :) Soooooooooooo, todays the BIG DAY!! This evening I finally get to meet my Nephew GAVIN!!!!!!!! He's 15 days old today. Goodness, can this day go any faster???
I just finished a great cardio session, I'm getting ready to make a big omlette & then head to the airport. I've packed my food for the day and last night I organized all of my dry food that I'll take with me, plus all my supplements & whatnot.....ESP. my glutamine. I love that stuff! :)
Like I said previously, this trip will absolutely be productive as far as my training regiment goes. I'm confident I'll be able to work it all in!
I'm 13 weeks out...............W.H.O.A!!!! Crazy. Am I nuts??? :) With all the research I've done (I've just about researched it to tears.....) it seems most of the women start their contest prep. full force @ either 12 or 8 weeks out. I think I've got a great start this past 6 weeks, and hopefully I'll have it in me to kick it up a notch! :-)
Well, breakfast is calling..............wish me happy flying..........:)
ALL MY LOVE TO ALL: MAKE IT A 212 Degree day!!!!!!!!!!!!! (google it)
P.S. I hope to keep my blog updated, so keep checkin! *XOXO*

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DOM. DOM. DOM. DOMSSSSS...........

I have a love-hate relationship with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This past Sunday we were out at the lake & there is a LOOONNGG set of stairs that go down to the boat slip. I think 50 steps or more & they're SUPER steep. Anyway, I needed to get my cardio in, so I did ten sets of "stadium stairs." YIKES. My calves are sooo stinkin sore. And THEN, yesterday I did LEGS at the gym. So, needless to say, my entire lower body is worthless today! :) No, not really, I did my morning cardio & it was helpful to get some blood flowing and loosen things up. I'm actually pretty pumped about the stairs, though, because it's an excellent workout & easy to pump out......and, come on, it's a beautiful setting, too! :)
Today I have shoulders, tomorrow is off, Thursday is back & Friday is chest before I LEAVE FOR KC!!!!!! I've made a list of everything I need to take to enable me to stay on track.......This Vacation will be awesome, but productive, as well!