Friday, February 8, 2008


SCHWETTY'S (Also known as the Hawks''s decorated with SEAHAWK gear!!)
I absolutely LOVE this space. It's amazing! Three pieces (well, four if you add the trampoline) of cardio, weights, ball, decline, TV, my VISION PAGES! :) Just LOVE IT!!!!!!!


This is a pic update (10 WEEKS OUT TODAY!)

P.S. To fellow do I disable clicking on the pix (to make them GIANT size? yikes....) Let me know! THANKS!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My 100th post!

Wow, this is the 'hundreth' time I've posted since May 6th 2007. Such a journey....and so much ahead of me! :) EXCITMENT!!
All is well on the training front. Diet has been close to perfect....gotta work on that! I can train my rear off all day, I love that aspect of it. I just always fall a little short in the diet. BUT, that gives me something to work on. It's a challenge everyday!!!
I did my 60 min. fasted cardio this morning at the gym (because we're still getting carpet laid down in Schwetty's. By THURSDAY it should be up and ROCKIN!)
I'm heading back this morning to lift and finish up cardio. THEN, I have 5 appt. in a row. It's gonna be a busy day! I've already finished laundry, food prep and random chores. YEAH!!!!!!!!
Anyway, MAKE IT A 212 DEGREE DAY! (google it)
Ohhh, Claudine, thanks for the comment, PIX this thursday, 10 weeks! YEP!!!