Saturday, February 16, 2008


I love both Jess & C's funny stories. It's funny because my carbs aren't technically that LOW, but after any workout, I sure focus in on getting food in my body as soon as possible!!! And yes, Jess, I'm moderating comments just so no more "randoms" post. How lame, huh??
Anyway. Today I did 60 min. on the stairmill/guantlet at the gym. Fasted. Yikes, that is TOUGH! I do 30 min. on the Fat Burner level 8. Then I do 3 seperate 10 minute programs. TOday it was sprint intervals for 10, then aerobic training, then Fat burner II. I like the shorter 10 minute ones because then each level or bar is like 7 seconds long. I can handle that at high level. It's trying to do like 30-40 seconds continually at level 8 that really gets me........ Who knows...... :) I guess I like variety.
Went home to eat & shower, had three appt. this morning, then head back to the gym for shoulders and guess what, more cardio! :)
I'm like 63 or 62 days out, which basically means I have over 110 cardio sessions left. That puts it into perspective. But, other way to look at it, is, being 9 weeks out, I really only have 8 more Leg workouts, 8 more Back, 8 more Shoulders, 8 more Chest workouts, and PLENTY of routine/gymnastics practice. WOW. Enough ramblings for today.
Hey, Did I mention, I'm loving every minute of this???? :) :) :)
Much love!~

Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOW CARBS?? Or just an airhead for the day??

Alright. I've heard some funny pre contest prep stories from fellow competitiors. Like, dropping things (keys, EGGS) locking yourself out of the house/car....funny.
Had my own day before yesterday.
I'd just finished a BOMB leg workout with cardio and had to hit the grocery store before I went home to get Eggs, water & green beans (sound inticing??)
Well, I didn't want to bring my purse in so I just grabbed my little black pouch (koks) that holds my Id, debit cards, business cards. Simple, right?
Well, I buy eggs in a huge cardboard box (like 60 eggs I think) and had 2 gallon sized water jugs, and plus the green beans (STAY WITH ME, AM I LOSING YOU, YET?)

Long story short, I payed, threw the wallet in the bag (with the greenbeans) because my hands were full & headed out.

The next day, I'm on to order supps and I, for the life of me, COULD NOT FIND MY WALLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh. Freakin out. Dumped my purse out. Looked thru my car, did it fall between the seats? I almost called the grocery store.

Then........I Remember......My damn wallet is with the green beans, which I haphazardly chucked into the freezer right when I got home. Obviously, All I was worried about when I got home was EATING!!!!!! :o)

ANYWAY, I REALLY got a kick out of myself. I thought, wow, that's pretty funny! :)

So, there you have it, I hope you made it to the end of the story. And I hope to you it's as funny as it was for me. :)

HAPPY Valentine's DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!