Saturday, March 8, 2008


Well, I tried my sprint/interval/incline workout (at the gym) AGAIN and stepped it up a notch. THIS time: I did both a 1-minute walk (4.0) AND a 1-minute sprint/run (6.0) at each incline and there are 15 total inclines. And I did the same on the way down. So, basically I DOUBLED the workout. Heckkk yeah. It was awesome. It's def. not a cardio workout I can do more than a couple times a week because it is TOUGH. C- is probably right, it's the increased carbs now that I'm not in contest prep :). I'm a carby, what can I say. I really thrive on them! :) :) Who doesn't? I'm sure it's the popcorn before I go to bed...........

So, I finished my morning cardio (downstairs). Did 50 min. of the ellip. while watching What A Girl Wants. Just finished Devil Wears Prada yesterday. I love watching movies while doing cardio. Makes it go super fast.

Song of the Day (yestrday) PRETTY YOUNG THING (P.Y.T.) Michael Jackson
MUCH LOVE! Have a AWESOME weekend, I'm trying to vlog (video blog) this weekend. We'll see how that goes............

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, day before yesterday (same day I announced my retirement! haa) I had TONS of morning energy, so I wanted to 'test' myself. Here was my workout. I'm attempting to do it again tomorrow. Again, I don't know what got into me, but I felt extra energetic. I'll let ya know if I make it thru again, tomorrow morn! :)
(Not much of a warm-up. So don't pay attention to that. I was just ready to go!!!)
Incline Speed
1% 4.0mph
2% 6.0mph
3% 4.0mph
4% 6.0mph
5% 4.0mph
6% 6.0mph
7% 4.0mph
8% 6.0mph
9% 4.0mph
10% 5.8mph
11% 4.0mph (once I get to where I can't keep up, don't worry, I hold on!)
12% 5.6mph
13% 4.0mph
14% 5.0mph
15% 4.0mph
Each of those were one minute interval. Then.....i worked my way back down, same way I worked my way up. I was drenched, I was huffing and puffing, but DANG it felt good! if I couldn't make it a full minute sprinting, I'd just go 40-45 sec. and walk the extra 15 sec.

Does this workout make sense the way I wrote it out?
It was a doozy!!!
Much love~

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pulled a Val's the news.
I'm retiring. As Em Reed, that is.

Yup, you read correctly, I've chosen to hold off on competing until after the wedding!
My 2nd competition (this fall) will also be my debut as Em Arger, so that's pretty cool!

Anyway, I honestly am great with the decision! My workouts will still be fun & intense! I will keep my blog updated, so don't think I'm pressing pause on this!

I will let everyone know my plans for fall when they happen! Heck, maybe I'll just show my face on a national stage; I did qualify by getting 2nd last Oct.....

Thanks for all your support and don't think this is the last of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!