Thursday, February 28, 2008

Excitement & Cardio Ala carte

The last couple nights I've had a little bit of trouble falling asleep. Okay, so I know I'm kinda craazzy, but right before I'm falling asleep I get excited about what cardio I'm gonna do in the morning. :) Is that funnY?? I'm serious, though. I thnk of all of these fun combos I can do, and it's affecting my sleep. :) Wow. Issues. ha ha
Anyway, this morning for my cardio I did what I call Ala Carte (i'm pretty sure I'm not spelling that correctly.) So, I did ten minutes on 6 diffent machines (I'm like a kid in a candy store with so much equipment to choose from!)
I did the treadmill, Full Body Elliptical, Stairmill/Gauntlet, Natural Runner (like an elliptical, but more of a running motion) Stair-stepper, & ended with the regular elliptical.
Yeahhh, awesome workout. I'm eating breakfast right now, then I'll head back for Shoulders around noon. I don't work until 2pm so I'll get everything done before that!
Song of the Morning: SONIQUE-It Feels So Good

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friends in Cyber

So, I know this sounds odd, but it really means sooooooo much to me to get comments, even from those of you I've yet to 'officially mean'. C & Jess you guys rock. I obviously read your blogs & get plenty of tips & inspiration from them. Meg, you're my fellow phat camper and I'm so happy you're following this fun journey. To my family and almost family (Robin) thank YOU guys so much for commenting. You guys HAVE to know that sometimes those words drive me to kick a little harder! :) Since I've changed my options so that I have to view comments before I post them, it's been like christmas, every time I sign in, I have new comments to moderate! So, I can't thank you enough, but do know that it's taken to heart.
LASTLY, both of my grandma's read it and since they don't know how to post, I'm going to put a snipet of their comments to me. :)
From G'ma Diana in Kansas: Em, we read your blog every other day and it's just AWESOME. We have so much fun & it really keeps us posted on all you're doing! (P.S. She just had knee replacement surgery & is doing very well!!!)
From Mimi in Arizona: I just finished looking at your blogs and enjoyed the pictures of Schwetty's. What a great place to exercise if you feel so inclined (which I seldom do) but might if I had a great place like that. I also still think it is strange for anyone to enjoy all of those torturous things when they could be curled up on the couch reading a good book! But I do say "You go girl!". (hee hee, too cute!)

Well, enough about how much I love comments. Just thought you all needed to know!
Song of the Day: Rihanna: Breaking Dishes (Meg, her whole CD rocks!) :)