Thursday, January 31, 2008

Schwetty's is BLUE!!!

Like I last reported, our basement gym is almost finished. The snow here (it's out of control) kept the guys from working a few days.........BUT, the paint is on the walls and they're doing the trim today. It is beautiful. I just love the color, it's a GREAT BLUE! Walls, ceiling, everything! We picked out an industrial grade carpet that is very similar to the kind my Mom & Dad have in their gym. It's gonna be so nice!
We braved the elements this morning and I had an AWESOME cardio session. 15 min. stairs and then 45 min. treadmill, hoping off every 2 minutes for quick bi's/tri's/pop squats. Lots of fun; I was drenched! :)
Today my boss closed the office, but I still have a few appointments for those patients that are able to make it in. We had another snow day today. Seriously, this is goin on my 3rd winter here, and.........this has been the worst!!!!! :(
Anyway, nothing like cardio & lifting to boost that MOOD! :) I don't need no stinkin sun! I've got edorphines!

11 WEEKS OUT!!!!!!!! YA YA YA!!!