Saturday, April 5, 2008

Perhaps my calling?!?!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! She makes everything look soooooo easy! This is 'sport aerobics' and I think it's way more prevalent in Europe. Anyway, she rocks!
I want my routine to look this flawless & efforless!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I have a trainer!!!!!

YEAH YEAH YEAH! I'm sooooo pumped I've been working with a trainer the past two weeks and she's kicking my booty! We are just doing weekly core-strength/full-body work until the wedding & then she's gonna train me all the way up to my next comp!!! (end of sept./early oct.) I'm still using Mike Davies (Fitness Factory) for diet, but Fiona will train me! This is such a good thing! The last time I did all the training myself, and I just really prefer having someone do a program for me!
Fiona just competed in Figure this past weekend at Tanji's show & WON her class. Next up for her is the E-cup. She's a really great trainer. Here's a pic from her show.

Tonight I taught Turbokick. It was an excellent class, again, just rockin the house!!!!!! Soooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Everything on the fitness front is going really well! Diet, for the most going well, too!!!!!!!!
SONG OF THE DAY: Destinys' Child: NO NO NO!
P.S. Thanks for all the nice comments after each VLOG! I really appreciate it! I sure get a kick out of doing those! They're sooooooo much fun! :) I really try and make them interesting! But, I'd love any ideas!!!!!!!