Friday, June 15, 2007


It'sssssss FRIDAY!!!!! (well, not officially for me: I work 8-12am tomor)
Wednesday night I taught Turbokick @ OZ and had like 22 people in class, HOLLAH! :-)
I LOVE it when the classes are big, sooo much fuN! Yesterday I taught core-central & Hi-Lo and then went to Gymnastics @ 7pm. TONIGHT, It's round 2 (actually, we're doing round 27) of TURBOKICK!!! It's my first class @ my gymnastics gym. The class will def. be smaller, but that's fine, too! Seriously, if you have access to a gym that offers TurboKick, CHECK IT OUT! It's the "Class" version of TurboJam (beachbody: infommercial) It's the best way to pump out a good HOUR of cardio.
Anyway, just wanted to post before I head off to teach! I did fasted cardio this morning (& yesterday) and just got back from doing "BACK" *ha* at the gym.
Have a FABBBBB Weekend! :) We're heading to CDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAKE TIME!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

14 Weeks & a few days............

Holy Moly. Time has already FLOWN by................I'm pretty sure my first blog entry was May 5th. (I didn't check) But, that was over *FIVE* weeks ago. Whoa. In that time, I've decided that my focus is upperbody/lowerbody symmetry & shedding bodyfat. I haven't had my BF taken because I'm not fond of calipers. The numbers can vary according to the person performing the test. That's frustrating & I don't want to get stuck on numbers or percentages. One competitor told me, "The last thing you'll hear a judge say is, 'What's your Bodyfat, and how much do you weigh?'" Soooo, I've basically been relying on visually how I look, specifically through pix. My goal through all of this is to have no "regrets" once I'm on stage. I don't want to be a week out and think, "Wow, I wish I had ten or so extra days to focus on this...." So, that's what I keep telling myself, Work hard now, so I don't have to work DOUBLE hard- come the end of September!!!
Anyway, yes, I'm still working as hard as I can. I did my AM cardio & then hit Legs for the second time this week. I'm doing legs twice a week, once to focus on quads, the other on glutes & hammies. I will do this for about the next 6 weeks, then go back to just once a week. Everything else is the same for the most part!!!!!!!!!!
I know I've said it before, but GEEZ, I just LOVE lifting, it's the best!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

115 Dumbbell Press

So, yes, this is MY blog, but, today I feel compelled to share the success of my significant other, Gene. He's been busting out some tough workouts himself, and today he surpassed his dumbbell press record. He usually does 105's (in each hand, obviously.) Well, TODAY he had 115 in each hand, and pumped it out!!!!!!! It was pretty outstanding!!!!! :)
I was doing my own Shoulder work, and just happened to be watching him & his lifting partner. So, anyway, I got to see him do it, and I'm just really proud of him because he's working SO hard and making some serious gains!

Shoulder work went well! My legs are super sore from Saturdays workout. I now know what's working for legs.....I think.......:)
This morning I did the 8th consecutive day of AM cardio. Yeahhhh!
I have a friend from Utah, Kate, who is competing this weekend in Chicago for Junior Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!! She's looking GREAT and should qualify for nationals in Figure. She's sooooo close!!! I'll post competition pix if she's cool with that!
She sure inspires me to stay on track!!!! It's been awesome corresponding with her and a few other competitors! Kind of the Insiders point of view! :)

2 hours until bed, and I'll eat again in an hour.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 Days STRAIGHT!!! Hollahhhh

Alright. So this past week I met my goal of doing 40 or more minutes of fasted cardio each morning. I DID IT! :-) Yeahhh! Let me tell you, it's soooooo incredibly tempting to stay in bed.......but I managed it. I have a TV & my CD player down there (in our basement), so once I MAKE it down there, I have plenty to keep me busy. On a side note, Rhianna's new CD is fantastic!
Yesterday I TORE my legs up big time. I think I have a fairly strong base Quad wise, but my Ham-Glute tie in could use some serious work. That's my focus!
Today I'm doing shoulders & more cardio @ the gym. The new diets are WONDERFUL. I love having three different varieties to mix it up. I feel like I'm progressing on schedule! My first competition has their website updated for this year: Time to start visualizing!!!! :-)

Soooooo, in other new, My Nephew, Gavin is doing faaabulously!!!!!!!!!! :) Mom, Dad & baby are home now and just loving life! My countdown to KC is 12 days!!!
Much LOVE to all~~~~~~~~~~~~~