Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I AM AN ATHLETE...............

And all athletes have their fair share of injuries. It's quite disheartening. I can't lie. There was def. a part of me that wanted to cry and give up. BUT, ALAS, that's not my character, and I WILL COMPETE OCTOBER 6th. However, once again my plans seem to change. I will enter only the Figure category. This makes me very sad because I think Figure is missing the Fun, performance aspect of the fitness routine. That, and I just paid to have my routine choreographed. It's all good, though, because I'll just bring a killer routine to the Emerald Cup and the Empire Classic next spring in Seattle & Spokane!!! That's all I can do. No reason to risk further injury. Today my ankle is still nasty and tender and bruised and sore. :(
I'm guessing I partially tore some of my ligaments, namely, these two (sorry if that was disturbing...) I'm going to see my PT the beginning of next week once he's home from vacation. In the meantime, I'm trying to get my two classes subbed out for a while. I think my main problem is that I never REALLY allowed my two previous sprains to heal (as much as I hate to admit it.) It's the whole lack of patience combined with a high pain tolerance.
This time though, I'm taking a different approach.
In a few more days I'll start back up with the upright bike for my cardio. I'm doing an upperbody workout today, and my diet will be ON POINT!
That's all for now. Wish me luck!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Right ankle. Suck.
Kinda bad, but N.O.T. bad enough to take me out. NO WAY NO HOW NOT EVEN!
Bruised a little bit, especially below my ankle bone (lateral malleolus).
I did it jumping...on my mini-tramp...doing plyometrics.... :(
Must I hypelink my old post?
This too shall pass, this too shall heal............................