Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Got it!

YAY! I got my diet on the 31st. I really tried to follow the plan, but I wasn't totally on.....New Years Eve was my last cheat meal, it was great, had an amazing lobster dinner.
So, that leads us to Jan. 1st. I think I joined millions of others who "resolute" (is that a word???) to stay on track with diet and extercise.
Okay, back to the diet. It's great, I'm loving it for sure. I stay with this for 3-4 weeks and then we tweek it as needed. Since I am (obviously) holding on to some precious fluff, I'm actually doing 2- 45 minute cardios almost daily (I do have my rest day) That's no problem because I got an ELLIPTICAL for Xmas!!!!!!!!!! It's so badass I love it, it's full body and is sturdy as the gyms'.
Tonight I'm off to teach Turbokick and I'm doing either Chest or Back before....haven't decided.
Anyway, to everyone attempting a new plan: DOMINATE IN 08. Why not! Make it happen!
My motto for the next 100+ days is: TIME TO BUST ASS AND GET STAGE READY!!!
Much love~

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Still waiting!!!!!!!!

So, I'm still waiting for my first diet (16 weeks out)
It should be here by tomorrow! Yaya! We went to the store today and STOCKED up. And I must say, the cost of bulk eggs has gone up like $1.25! WTF?!?! :)
Anyway, tomorrow is LEG day (ham dominant).
In T-minus 5 days I'm heading to PHX for 9 days of *hopefully* AWESOME WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also..............
I'm DOING JEN HENDERSHOTT'S P.H.A.T. CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy smokes. I'm so excited. I decided that I'm going to work for Jen one day. She just doesn't know it yet! Okay, seriously, I would LOVE to help out with these camps, and I haven't even ATTENDED one yet; that's just how awesome I've heard they. Oh, and she And Lishia Dean helped me with my routine choreography, so I love them for that! :)
Alright, here's a glimpse at 16 weeks out. LOTTA FLUFF TO SHED!!!!!!! BUT I'LL DO IT.