Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Down to Double Digits Days

Okay, I'm officially under the 100 day mark and I'm FREAKIN OUT!!!!!!!! :)
Just kidding, I just noticed before I signed in that yep, I'm 99 days out!
I'm enjoying sunny Phoenix and can't hardly WAIT for PHAT CAMP on Friday. I got a pass for 24 hour Fitness ($10 a day!) and did an awesome upper body routine, then, the next day (still within the 24 hour time limit) I went to Turbokick and did a quick leg routine. Other than that, we did a great hike and that's about it on the fitness front. Nutrition has been spotty. However, I have been eating my oats, ground flax, psyllium and protein powder for breakfast!

I'm ready to be back on a set schedule. I thrive on a set schedule, don't we all??!
I'm been awful at checking everyone's blog so when I get home I have a LOT of catching up to do!

Much love from Sunny PHX!