Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Heading Out!

So, tomorrow begins my crazy travel excursion for the next 10 days.
I'm in south central Oregon for a couple days, then in SUNNY Phoenix, then back home, then to Eugene for three days...........
Holy cow, I'm SOOOOO excited! I've never had to fit in workouts when I'm out of town and unaware of my possible accommodations (do I have a gym? can I run outside??)
So, this will be interesting! I've already packed my oats, ground flax seeds, almonds, tuna packets, protein powder, almond butter, rice cakes. That should cover breakfast & snacks (possibly lunch one day)
It'll be a very interesting time because I don't KNOW how time consuming each trip will be.

The last couple days have been FAB!!! I did shoulders, bi's/tri's on Sunday, Cardio only monday, then today I did a killer leg workout and cardio. Good good good!

Here's an adorable pix of my Nephew, Gavin. He's a doll, can't wait to see hiM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yes you can do it!

I love this site. It has the best motivating and inspirational quotes ever!!!
*****AWESOME SITE!!!*****

Yes, you can do it. And you can begin right now.
Sure, you've run into problems in the past. Yet there is a way to get past every one of them.

When it is important enough to you and meaningful enough for you, you will find a way. There is a positive, effective step that you can take this very moment.

It will require effort on your part, as well as commitment and persistence. Fortunately, you are fully capable of all those things.

Yes, you can do it, and in the process you will more fully become the beautiful, unique person you are meant to be. You will grow more capable, more confident, more knowledgeable and experienced.

When your objective is connected with the purpose that drives every other purpose, there is no doubt that you can do it. Begin now to work your way there.

-- Ralph Marston