Monday, June 25, 2007


Not awesome. I figure when I lived here, I was well acclimated to the heat & humidity. Being gone a while....well, you lose that. Holy cow, I've about overheated & melted four times since I've been here :)
The Aunt Club freaking ROCKS! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Gavin is an amazing baby. Er & Jas are great parents. All is well!!!!!!
I'm happy to say my workouts have continued!! Yeahh!!! I'm so lucky to have an active & athletic family who shares my love for fitness!!! :) My Mom & I got a free 7 day pass to 24 Hour Fitness so Sat. I did Chest, & yesterday I did Back. Also, we went to a Turbokick class Sat. morning, which is so much fun to TAKE, for once! :)
Today we ran 5 miles (fasted) & this afternoon I'll do Leg work.
All in all the eating has been well, too. I haven't cheated yet. I have two cheat meals while I'm in town, so......I'll make 'em gooooodddd. ha ha. If only the cheats didn't upset my stomach.....I'd probably be tempted to do it more.....don't tell my nutritionist....... :) JUST KIDDIN'
Getting ready to go shopping!