Friday, June 13, 2008

Wedding PIX!!!!!!!!!!!

WELL HELLO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled to be back to the U.S. and soooo excited to start sorting thru all our wedding pix and Greece pix!
It's awesome, not only do we have over 700 ceremony & dance pix, but there are plenty of other shutterfly albums from everyone elses' camera.
Again, I don't have a chance right now to re-cap the wedding or the honeymoon (still have to upload those pix!) BUT......I didn't want to leave you hanging: so here are a bunch of pix for ya!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll update Hopefully tmrw or sunday! GOOD TO BE BACK~!~ I miss my blog buddies! :) :)

Rehersal Dinner. Mom, Dad, Sis, B-in-Law

Church pic

Love him!

My Nephew Gavin (just turned ONE!!)

My husband

My Mom & Dad! Aren't they goodlookin'???

my G.o.R.g.E.o.U.S. BRIDESMAIDS!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Something blue...

The big exit

Hummer limo

Bussle it

Seesters! :) :)

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