Thursday, April 17, 2008


I swear the days are just flyyyying by.
Here's a glance at my next 36 days:
Bridal Shower this weekend (and the last dress fitting???)
MY 24th!!!! :) :)
May 2nd:
Las Veeeegas w/ my favorite girls
May 10th:
Final Meetings w/ vendors
May 18th:
Family in town!!!!!!!!!
May 24th:
MRS. ARGER!!!!!!!! :) :)

Holy cow. I really ought to keep a journal (or blog more) because the next 5 weeks will be a whirlwind, I just know it!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, apparently my updating here is getting thrown on the backburner so I can focus on other stuff. Just FYI! :)
I'm still working moderately on fitness & diet. I feel really good, that's all that matters right now!! :)
I taught Turbo last night and we had a record 30-some people. Sooooo amazing. Loved it. I wish I could VLOG that. I think you'd be impressed at my class participants. They rock! :)
Much love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Krissa said...

Yep, time is moving fast. I bet you are so excited about finally getting married. You will be a beautiful bride.

I keep forgetting to email you but here is my email address:

Visionquester said...

Enjoy Em! Enjoy! Don't worry about got important stuff going on.

Did I say enjoy? Yes...enjoy.